Earn Your Formative Educator Badge!


I use formative mostly for tests and quizzes (for now!). This allows me to quickly see how many of my students understood the material and what I need to review as a whole class or small group.


I use Formative almost daily: Do Nows, worksheets, video clips with questions, labeling, drawings, exit slips, etc. What I like the most is that I can tell the students immediately when they get something wrong so I can discuss it with them to find out where the misconception(s) are, and have them make their corrections. I have had students who are used to getting low grades, making higher grades because they can go back in and make corrections. This makes students feel good about themselves and they try even harder the next time. I have had to explain to administrators that everyone has a 100% because of a lot of hard work by all of us, not because it was a completion grade - my students are actually learning and understanding the material. Formative also saves me so much time grading, which I deplore!
Lately, I am learning how to embed ExploreLearning Gizmos, flip grids, and Phet, which really saves me time grading and the students get cool programs within a program to help them learn. I also like that I can assess their learning quickly after a lesson and quickly re-teach concepts they did not get the first time.


Go Formative is a wonderful and quick way for me to see if students truly do comprehend the concepts I’m teaching. When I see that a student isn’t understanding a particular concept, I have a one on one with that student or pull those students into a small group tutoring session. I also take the concepts that students are lower on and put those back into Go Formative as an exit ticket. The data from Go Formative also drives my teaching. If a large number of students aren’t getting a certain topic, I reteach it. Go Formative is a classroom must! Thanks, Go Formative!


I use formative as my warm-up everyday. Students understand to go straight to formative and start their day. I use the edit function so students can go back and fix mistakes or correct things they did not understand at first. This allows for them to get a 100 on daily work and cuts down on my grading paper.


I use it to check for student understanding. It allows me to track my students to see where I need to offer intervention or If I have to re-teach anything.


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I use it to see what needs to be retaught and to make sure my kids understand the topic we are studying.


I like how easy it is to give feedback to students and to see how the class did overall on a specific question!


I use Formative to provide quality assessments to my students. I love the opportunity for instant feedback so that they can automatically evaluate their own learning. I use Formative responses to reflect on my teaching methods and measure student understanding through individualized data. I also teach a lot of formal Professional Development for my school district and I almost always include Formative as a wonderful way to gauge student learning and reduce time needed for feedback. It’s an awesome tool!


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Hey Meredith,

That thread is actually for teacher seeking to earn their Formative Educator badge (which you already have). What differentiates it from the “Show & Tell” badge is that you are responding to a prompt about how you use Formative in your classroom as opposed to responding to another educator who is seeking advice about how to use it in their classroom. You can find topics to do the latter by looking in #specialized-application !


In my fifth grade, ELA, and social studies classes we use Goformative for assessments, exit tickets, students discussion sites, responding to and or communicating with my students about their work. I have used multiple choice answer choices, true or false, fill in, and short response. When viewing my students’ answers I LOVE being able to scan them on one page. A new supportive feature is when goformative lets me know, with a red tag on their answer box, that a student has copy and pasted an answer. I also like being able to respond to each question or section of an assignment to give more pointed encouragement and direction. Also, it is so helpful and so easy to have my assignments go through my Google classes! My fifth graders click on the goformative link I set up in our Google class and they go directly to the task I have assigned. I am looking forward to using more of your available content.


I use Formative to quickly and easily see if my students are understanding a concept. I will sometimes “hide names” and project the totals from the formative. This may prompt a discussion on certain problems that either student understand or need more practice with. Having the ability to give immediate feedback after the assignment is completed allows students to immediately address any misconceptions they may have. Also, enhancing a pdf/doc promotes more engagement in my students.


I use GoFormative for all of my assessments. I love that it allows me to see my students work in real time, to autograde assessments which saves me precious planning time, and to offer immediate feedback to students. I’ve used other online assessment platforms in the past, but GoFormative is by far my favorite!


I’ve been using GoFormative in both Academic English for short assessment of reading and in basic skills reading classes for more through assessment of close reading skills. In the basic skills classes (6 kids) I am able to assess live and give kids real-time feedback as they read. This helps build comprehension skills.


I have been using formative to create interactive assignments. Videos, drawings, multiple responses, and oral responses help me gauge student learning and plan for improvement.


At Compton Unified we are using Formative to create small Blended Learning Groups to better differentiate learning. We look at the data from Formative to place students in small groups according to their scores/results from Formative. This gives us insight on how to better support each student, moving away from the “one size, fits all” method.


I use it similarly for exit slips. This helps me cut down on post it notes and paper usage.


I monitor the live responses to see which questions are being missed the most and the questions that have a 100% correct response. I also use it to see which question(s) students miss, especially if they only miss one (or two). Are the students who miss one or two questions missing the same one or two questions? Formative provides so much information for question analysis in real time! It helps me decide what to re-teach the next day.


I’ve used goformative as bellwork, exit tickets, classwork, and independent study assignments. For bellwork it is often used a tool to check prior knowledge for a new lesson/unit. When it’s not used as a prior knowledge check, I use it to check what they understood from yesterday’s lesson. I make the questions multiple choice and I leave the return score “unchecked” I’ve had students click every answer until it lights up green. While they are working on vocab I go and change the setting to return scores instantly. I let the % guide the next 10-15 minutes of my lesson for reteaching or moving on with the lesson. If I have 85% or above that understood the prior day I move on. Later I can pull those 15% (6 students) during small group. During Independent study I have a 15-20 minute time frame in which student work alone. The independent assignment is ones that “I” believe the students should be able to understand a concept based on prior learning. They usually have a reading or a video that would take them about 5-8 minutes max and then they have 5-8 questions to answer. I want to push students to be the confident and try to learn on their own. I also include a section in which they are required to come up with two questions (1 that they know the answer to (but others might have) and one they don’t know.