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I use GoFormative in a variety of ways, whether for warm-ups or for tests. I like to use the instant answer option. This gives the students instant feedback whether they are correct or incorrect. The students can then work through the problem to help identify their errors. I have noticed it also reduces test anxiety.


I use Goformative in my Micro Economics class. Not only do the kids have to spell out their answers they have to illustrate what the curve looks like. It’s a great way for them to show it and tell it!


I use formative for quizzes, tests and sometimes just to check for understanding. I really like the feature where I can upload a handout and make a quiz or assignment from it! It makes quiz making much more time efficient. In addition, the kids love the instant feedback on their scores! In a glance, I can tell what the student’s strengths and weaknesses are. I am a fan!


I use Formative to discover mechanics errors in student writing and to teach/review the rules for writing.


This site has made looking back at each class’ answers so much easier, giving me not only time but insight to questions that need to be reviewed and if I need to make edits to questions that are unclear.


Hello! I use goformative.com to identify scholars’ weaknesses and strengths, to provide reinforcement, to identify areas/concepts of concerns, and provide immediate feedback. I appreciate the opportunity to use this great resource.


I use Goformative.com to formatively assess students on skills previously taught, or on future skills to gauge students’ prior knowledge.


I use Formative for exit tickets daily. Then I use the data to determine topics that need reteaching. I also use the data to form small groups for work on individual skills. I periodically use Formative for daily assignments as well. I really like that I can use the tracker to view trends.
I would like to be able to pull results by student as well as by formative.


I use formative in math class so as students complete their work they get immediate feedback and know if they are getting questions right or wrong as they progress.


Yes, I use GoFormative for formative assessment by checking their progress and decided whether the students have grasp of the topics or in need of a reteach.


I use Formative in all my classes as a way to have students answer questions from videos, lecture and document based questions. I find it easy to use for both me an the students and easy to capture the data from their responses.


I use Formative responses to quickly tell me which concepts my college chemistry students are struggling with; when I see a topic is still fuzzy for them, I make time to review it in class or assign an extra activity so they can practice the skill more.


Since I can quickly scan written responses or have GoFormative grade multiple choice questions, I can immediately address concerns. Ideally, I call a student up to work with me right then and there in class so that any misunderstandings they have about the content can be addressed. Often, just getting the immediate feedback that GoFormative provides on things like multiple choice quizzes is enough for students to adjust their own learning.


It helps me to narrow where the focus the class energy to help in getting better at the problems they are working on. It also allows the students to see where there needs to be correction and questions asked. The last part is that it gives the students instant feedback on what they are currently working on so they can make the necessary corrections.


I look at a common link in questions missed and this allows me to know what to reteach or adjust my delivery.


I use data from Formative responses to create differentiated assessments for students!


I will often reteach or have students peer-teach a topic when students still seem to be unsure. I also use Goformative as a pre-assessment. This allows me to plan on spending more time on areas where students need it the most and skim over concepts students have mastered already.


One way I use formative is through warm-ups. after each assessment or quiz I take the most missed questions and use them as warm-ups. Using formative I usually break down the question and also ask why they think their answer is correct and the other answer choices are incorrect. This allows me to get immediate feedback and understand their reasoning behind choosing a wrong answer. I will also show the students what answers were chosen (with the names hidden) and students then explain why students chose that wrong answer.

In addition, If I have re-taught a concept formatives help me understand if they class has understood the concept (right away) or if I need to review that concept again.


I use GoFormative as a way for my students to check their reading comprehension for our unit. It helps me benchmark the assessments as well with the standards option.


I use Goformative to allow my students to respond in different ways that address their learning styles – some prefer the open ended response and others like to “show their work” by expressing their replies in a more artistic way. They and I love Goformative!