Earn Your Formative Educator Badge!


I had not thought about hiding names. I have wanted to discuss how they answered questions but not show names, thanks for the idea!


After a formative has been completed, I show kids the data without student names. We discuss low scores. We discuss what kids got wrong and why. It helps me improve my teaching practice. It gives me better insight into what I can do better.


I use GoFormative as a formative assessment. It helps me to make re-teaching groups. It also allows me to pull students to redirect their thinking in the moment, rather than waiting until the next day or week.


Using Formative allows me to set assessments that are appropriate for my grade level and content area, and provide quick feedback to my students. The quick feedback also allows me to quickly reform any lesson plans to address lower areas that students need more work on!


I use formative information to make sure students are understanding a concept. It is a checkpoint, entrance and exit ticket all in one.


I use it as an exit ticket for my students. Something that is quick and simple. This will let me know if they got the idea or not.


I use many features on formative in my Chemistry class spesifically during the past paper sessions. I check students reply on a same questions and give them individual feedback and motivate them. Almost every student is fully focused and and know that I am there to train them for the best results.