Earn Your Formative Educator Badge!


I use Formative as a way to assess my students in mastering state standards. The Tracker is an awesome resource that allows me the opportunity to provide immediate feedback for remediation. Formative is quick, fun and takes the pressure off of students when taking a test. I highly recommend Formative for anyone wanting to change the way students learn!


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I use Formative to assess my students’ weekly performances. The students would be doing self weekly evaluations on Fridays. Their feedbacks/tidbits would be posted live on my classroom’s smart board.

It’s a great tool for students to interact with each other through Formative!


I use Formative to gain a better consensus of what my students know and don’t know. It allows my quitter students to still have a voice in the classroom and not be overshadowed by the more open students. Based on their responses, I can address any misconceptions or errors (even anonymously critique them!) and tailor any future instruction to meet my students’ needs.


I use formative to check on understanding of homework and class discussions. Love all the possibilities.


I stop students when I see an error and help them get it right.


I use formative regularly to give students instant feedback on their work. It is great to be able to live monitor my whole class while i’m working with small groups on the other side of the room.


One feature I love about GoFormative is that I can use it as an assessment tool that allows students to receive immediate feedback. I like that I can allow students to see and fix mistakes instantly. This provides them to opportunity to see how they are doing and strive to do better. It is rewarding when they can see their questions turn from red to green. They also know immediately when they have an error and if they cannot fix it, they can immediately ask for assistance rather than having to wait for an assignment to get graded and back to them.


I use Formative primarily for writing tasks. The platform allows me to have a digital record of student work over time, and provides a handy way for me to provide feedback in real time!


I use Formative to help students get immediate feedback on homework and to help me see immediate results on assessments.


I organize Formative around my Unit Objectives and measure their ability for each objective…I can re teach as necessary. The feedback helps along the way before quizzes and tests show their ability after the fact.


I use Formative assessments to check on students’ comprehension of text and vocabulary. My favorite thing to do is to jump in with tips and advice while students are working to help them improve their responses in real time. I always challenge myself to get the whole class average up to 85% or better before the assessment is over.


GoFormative has been amazing in assisting me to identify gaps within my students and I am able to use it in so many ways. When I post the responses on the board, the students and I are able to target why the incorrect responses are wrong and why the correct responses are right. It also helps me to identify problem areas within the TEKS so I am able to go back and reteach and it shows me the areas of mastery as well. The real time data allows me to respond instantly to issues and my students love using the site.


I use it to track students examples of what we are learning. Then I know if I should explain the thing again or if we can move on.


I use GoFormative as a quick effective way to assign homework with quick effective feedback. It allows me to monitor universal and individual misconceptions amongst students.


I use it as a formative assessment.


I use it in a number of ways. I use it as a way to create interactive homeworks as it allows easy embedding of multimedia content. I sometimes use it as a way to orchestrate in class activities. Finally, I often use it as a way to assess individual understanding and conveniently respond to and assist student growth and understanding.


I love that I can provide immediate, individualized feedback to each student. They immediately know what they got wrong, and what to do differently next time.


I use Formatives to tell me what students understand about a topic. We have been pairing quizzes with a listening selection to improve our speaking and listening skills.


Since I discovered Formative, I use it almost every day. I have also referred it to people at my school and conferences I attend. I use it for warm-ups, formative assessments, summative assessments, exit slips, and a way to have the students gather research so that I can monitor their progression. Thank you, Formative.