Earn Your Formative Educator Badge!


We are in the middle of AP Review. We just finished taking a practice MC test and I will be using the data I get to formulate some of the review sessions that we will have. 29 days until the exam and counting!


I use Go Formative for many activities. It is perfect for exit tickets & mini-assessments in all curricular areas.


I use GoFormative as a bell ringer activity for my students to complete at the beginning of each period. It’s very easy to use and the fact that it connects directly to Google Classroom makes it very easy for every student to access quickly and easily.

I can speak to students as they are working, offer feedback, and grade responses in real time. I can see exactly who grasps the material and who does not very easily, and it also helps students keep their anonymity if they are struggling and I can offer 1:1 feedback as soon as possible to help them improve.

It is a wonderful tool for classrooms today.


Formative is the perfect “shell” for creating self-paced mini lessons. I typically use it to introduce a topic, like Rotations, for the first time. I LOVE being able to add an embedded Geogebra applet for students to play with and then ask them follow up questions to guide their discovery. I know they got it when they write something in their “exit essay” at the end of the Formative! I always turn on the instant feedback so students think critically right away about an incorrect response.


I have started using Formative and really enjoy how convenient it is to set up AND get an accurate check of student understanding. The features are very easy to navigate. Thanks for making a product that makes teaching a bit easier!


I use GoFormative to make grouping decisions too. In math it’s a great tool to ask 3 or 4 questions and if there are trends I can pull a small group of same misconception students quickly and easily.


I use GoFormative as a quick check for understanding, sometimes as an exit ticket. I also use it sometimes as a pre-assessment before diving into a new topic. I also use GoFormative for weekly quizzes.


I use GoFormative to set up entrance and exit tickets so I can monitor prior knowledge and mastery level. Students always have a writing task to complete during guided reading in my class, so I often use GoFormative to assign their tasks so I can quickly view their writing in one location.


I use Formative responses and insights to improve student learning in a few ways. First I use it to identify my struggling students who I could work with individually and/or in small group. Also, I look for the students who really comprehend the topic and then they cast their screen with the work onto our promethean board and teach the class. Then I often have students who want us to find their mistake and cast their screen. Lastly, I use it to help plan my future lessons by looking at my student’s strengths and weaknesses.


Formative allows me to quickly address issues I see in student work before the students even submit anything! This quick attention to details helps correct student learning before they begin learning something incorrectly! I love that the students feel more successful and that I feel more able to teach them adequately!


I love using Formative in place of an exit ticket in class. It really helps me evaluate where the class is so I can tailor the next lesson accordingly.


I use this feature as well in my classroom. I also will screenshot student responses from the previous day’s closer to use as the next day’s opener. This allows students to pick up on mistakes and misconceptions that others are making as well as their own and gives an easy way to address the misconceptions without calling out a specific student.


I am so excited! I love Go Formative and have been using it for years!


I use Formative a lot to do a quick check at the beginning of class to assess the learning from the previous day. That data drives what I focus on at the beginning of class before moving on to make sure students fully understand one concept before teaching a new one.


I use GoFormative in formative assessments for grammar. It’s so easy to see students working in real-time and provide instant feedback.


I used goFormative for the students to practice for the state testing. I was able to reproduce the sample problems for the students to complete and view the answers.


I hope to use GoFormative to give students immediate feedback. This will allow them to quickly see their changes and add motivation into the learning process.


I am an instructional technology coordinator. I have helped teachers step up go formative. Staff have love the immediate feedback. Teachers have the status of how students are doing. When a teachers sees a student is struggling they will stop and pull the student to the teachers group. For students who are accomplishing the go formative teachers are able to provide challenge.


I use Formative often as an entry slip so that I can assign students to the appropriate group for a station rotation lesson.


I’m new to using Formative and this year I decided to use it to help determine where my students struggled before we did state testing. I create formatives based on math domains for Georgia, assigned the students all the tests, and used the results to drive my breakout groups for the weeks leading up to testing. Each student could see just where they needed practice and were able to focus their studies on specific topics. This worked so well, I’ll be using it next year throughout my regular units!