Earn Your Formative Educator Badge!


Acabo de conocer Formative y me he quedado asombrado con la cantidad de recursos que puedo hacer con ella. Extraordinaria herramienta. La recomiendo.


Con Formative podemos fomentar una educación personalizada y hacer feedback inmediatamente en nuestras clases. Fabulosa herramienta.


I use Formative with several of my High School computer classes as a way to check for understanding. Students enjoy a variety of formative assessment methods, and using GoFormative is a great tool. We have a set of iPads that students can use to complete the formative activities individually, or in small groups. GoFormative allows me to know where students are at in their understanding of the subject material, and lets me know if I need to re-teach. It also gives students an excellent way to practice and learn.


One of the ways I use it, is that I monitor students answers in real time and I identify 5-8 students who are excelling in the activity. Then I create small groups that are led by these 5-8 students. The students act as leaders for their group and are given the task of tutoring their classmates and making sure everyone on their team is up to speed.


GoFormative makes giving feedback to students very easy.


I use Go Formative for journal writing, worksheets, and grammar corrections (my favorite).


I use this once a week in math. I have flexible groups and students move up or down depending on how they have done. It allows me to spend more time with students who need more help, and give students who are demonstrating mastery the opportunity to do enrichment.


I like to hide the names of my students and then discuss the answers with my whole class. Students can compare / contrast others work telling why a specific answer is correct and why another one needs improvement.

I also love the ability to grade all open response items from one screen quick and easily. Students get immediate feedback.


Once students have completed, I do one of two things: I go back through the quiz with students, which shows the possible answers (for multiple choice). The other thing I do is use the Hide Names feature and go through each question and look at the answers that were submitted to point out why certain ones are incorrect.


I use GoFormative as a warm-up, ticket out the door, small group, and as pre and post assessments. I really like the fact that I can see the results in real time so that I can address areas of concern immediately.


I have used Formative to flip the classroom in order to assess student learning and progress on a given skill they have developed and explored on their own. Furthermore, I have used Formative as an Independent Practice tool to determine what skills or concepts need to be retaught to achieve Mastery. Finally, I have used the Audio Response feature to allow students practice responding orally to questions to develop their speaking skills.


I use goformative as a means to quickly gather data on student understanding and provide feedback electronically. When students are able to get immediate feedback, they can correct misunderstandings and learn material more efficiently. I can also modify my instruction based on the data and spend more time reviewing problem areas.


I most often use it as a knowledge check at the end of class, however occasionally I use it as a bellringer or an exit ticket.


Formative lives up to its name by assisting the teacher with formative assessment. I really like how I can see the students’ work before they submit their final answers. In this way, I can intervene if I notice that students are somewhat off in their response or need to elaborate more. I also like how it’s easy to export short answer questions into Excel or Sheets so I can easily look at the data and make decisions for planning my lesson the following day.


Formative has been a huge asset to my high school Math classroom. It allows my students to create constructed responses and to create answers on the computer. My constructed responses have improved tremendously since using Go Formative. I recommend all teachers to incorporate this program


I use GoFormative a lot in test review. It allows for me to upload worksheets for students to work on online and it allows for me to give them immediate feedback, which my students love. I also enjoy that it creates a sort of “grade book” for you. This helps when putting grades in.


I have been using formative as a summative tool at the end of a quarter, however, I am looking at changing this up. We have started a new novel and I plan on using formative to test how much is understood as we read. This will hopefully help iron out the kinks before it gets to exam time.


I use Go Formative as a warm up activity for class work everyday. When students come into class they have an assignment in GoFormative that reviews what we have previously learned.


I love the option in Go Formative that allows students to see which answers are wrong. I teach math and students will rework their problems until they get a right answer. This is a great tool for extended learning.


I use Goformative to provide live formative feedback on written work in my MFL classes. Students then update their responses accordingly. It also enables me to monitor progress.