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I use it in large virtual field trips (I teach students in Taiwan from Los Angeles). We bring the entire grade into the auditorium and run a field trip from LA. Students have iPads and can respond to our trips live so we can gauge excitement, get live questions for people we are talking to on the street, and many other things!


After students completed a semester exam I analyzed the data to see which standards students still struggled with the most. My data led me to create assessments on Go Formative that focused on each different standard. Before students took the Go Formative I would create a mini-lesson focused on the standards being assessed in that week’s formative. After students completed a Go Formative I loved being able to see their results in an easy to view format; I could quickly assess which questions needed further explanation in that class period and discuss test taking strategies.


Dear GoFormative, I love the ability to have real-time feedback on student geographical knowledge and understanding. I use the tasks as quick hinge question to assess understanding.The ability to create tasks that allow directed, improvement and reflection time is very useful. Finally, the white-board is a great tool that allows me time to check student understanding of physical processes. Thanks, Mr Hume


I use goformative.com as a way to increase my students vocabulary.
I use it to review and quiz math vocabulary terms and science terms and concepts
I love this program and I love how you can upload worksheets and click on the images and create questions on each image. I have found that my students love using it and it has increased my students reading comprehension by way of vocabulary reviews.
Robin Becker


Hey guys,
I’ve been with Formative basically since the beginning–it’s my favorite online answer system by a mile. You guys even used one of my lesson plans and featured my testimonial on the homepage! I love this app. Thank you so much for the constant improvements.


I use Formative to allow me to work with students more individually. By using the Formative setup to guide students through problem solving, I am able to offer feedback ahead of time for students to get immediately. I am also able to follow students progress as they work to focus on the students who are struggling the most without them ever even needing to ask.


Formative has helped me to give my students immediate feedback whether they are reading a passage and answering questions or solving a multi-step math problem. I have been able to provide work for my students at their ability level so they may be successful. I can use it for morning work or for an assessment. I can zero in on what my students need and know how to help them individually. It is a tool that has made a positive impact on my teaching and my students who appreciate the immediate feedback in many assignments.


My students really enjoy visual analysis, either moving or static, then responding to the accompanying questions either in small groups or individually. Go Formative allows me to create both short and extended responses which I can then give immediate feedback on in that class.
Also, I flip the lesson; my students find their own primary sources to create their own GoFormative tasks to show their understanding and sharing it with their peers.


I use Formative to assess how well my students understand a topic. I create short math formatives to assess 1-2 daily lessons. I monitor their responses live and reteach any concept they miss. I also use it for science as a review over a unit. I like that I can create a variety of question types which works very well for both math and science. It gives them practice answering a variety of question types on a computer, which mirrors how we take our state assessments. That makes my students very comfortable with those types of questions.


I use it with all of my students. It works well with students at all levels. I use it to build vocabulary and to take my high students up even higher.


I use Formative for daily assignments in math when every possible. I love that students get instant feedback. I have always allowed corrections for full credit back on their homework but students are much more likely to try again with instant feedback. Since I do allow corrections, I have to stay away from multiple choice questions. That makes it harder to use Formatives for all concepts but I love uploading the worksheets I normally use and inserting either short answer questions or show your work questions. I am excited that graphing is now an option, although I have not explored it yet. Someday I hope my students will have touch screen devices. Then I could see my class work being almost exclusively on this site!


I use GoFormative to let my students asses wether or not they have achieved the learning goals for the subjects they are studying. I also discuss answers to see if they are well formulated.


Go Formative has been a great tool for me to identify which skills my students specifically need to be re-taught (especially as we prepare for the end of the year standardized test)
I have been using it primarily in Math and have found it helpful to clearly see which skills the whole class needs to review as a whole, and to also put together smaller groups of students who may need to review additional skills.
I’ve partnered with another 6th grade math teacher at our school, and we combine every couple weeks to re-teach certain skills together that we notice our classes struggling with, or to break into smaller groups and do more of a “Math Centers” set-up based on the skills that need more practice.


I use Formative as a Do Now activity at the start of class to assess understanding of prior and/or current lessons. This sometimes leads into a mini-lesson. I also use it to do higher order thinking activities, so students can self check themselves during the activity and get immediate feedback without me having to run around to each individual. I also sometimes input homework answers and have students input their answers to correct the homework. Then I quickly see how everyone did with the homework and decide if they need more attention and practice in class before moving on to the next lesson.


I use GoFormative to inform me regarding any needs to reteach. GoFormative lets me know if they understand topics…



Sometimes students reveal issues that affect them. This gives us a chance for meaningful, timely, holistic class discussions that can help them develop healthy and effective coping skills.


Upon receipt of formative responses, as a facilitator I get an opportunity to understand about the student’s understanding of concepts taught. It allows, a facilitator to tweak the learning engagements of future course as per the adaptability of students. It also allows to revisit the not understood topics in a different way and with more exemplars. Conducting a Formative is something like a cook tasting the soup before being served to the guests.


I use formative throughout my lessons. I sometimes use it as an entry ticket or bellringer to review material from the day before. This helps me to gauge who needs additional help and who can move on. I use it during the lessons as a “you do” for individual assignments. I link it with other tools such as edmodo, edpuzzle, and readworks. My students love the drawing tools. This works well during my energy lessons and newton’s laws lessons. I can easily see based on the drawings who understands the concept and who does not understand the concept.


I make questions out of each competency and have students to give feedback by brainstorming what they know about the topics. We use this throughout the year to reteach and remediate on past topics to help prepare students for the Biology SATP2.


I do also! GoFormative is an awesome tool to assess, in real time, where students are strong or weak in any content area.