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I use Formative to see how effective my instruction was and who needs reteaching. I like how easy it is to check and compare multiple responses. I am able to see trends in responses in this format so I can see if student understanding, formative assessment design, or some other factor is influence skill acquisition.


I love goformative because I can see all student answers all on one screen. It allows me to quickly assess which students are understanding the concepts and who aren’t. Seeing all responses at the same time also allows me to determine if students are making careless mistakes that I can give reminders and redirection or if there may be more prerequisite skills that need to be addressed.


I Use Formative as quick check in with students as I am teaching or as exit tickets to check understanding. Most often I used them for math, but have started using them for other subjects. This is a great way to “watch” all of my students completing a task at the same time–I can provide immediate guidance when needed.


I love being able to watch all of the students work. I have some who get nervous when I walk behind them. Seeing their responses on Formative allows them to work without knowing I am watching!


As a classroom teacher, I used Formative as a quick check to identify if students understood concepts and what areas needed some reteaching. I’ve moved from the role of classroom teacher to instructional coach. As a coach, I help teachers use the data from Formative to identify strengths and weaknesses, provide immediate feedback, and compare pre and post checks. I’ve helped several teachers use Formative as a way to group students for remediation, enrichment, or other cooperative learning activities. Starting a class with an open-ended short answer or show your work question can be a fun way to create groups for an activity.


I use formative responses for students as a form of self assessment so they can use that information to better guide their learning. In addition, I use it as a pre-assessment before teaching new topics as well as an exit ticket to see if I need to reteach anything to certain students/challenge others.


Formative allows me to assess prior knowledge, reading comprehension, and overall student strength towards the content taught in class. Real time response viewing is helpful to correct misunderstandings or to realize that reinforcement is needed quickly. Formative is helpful in creating a formative/ summative assessment that is simple to create and allows for an easy evaluation of results.


I use it to help me decide what to reteach and when students are ready to move to the next level. Love it for warm ups!


When I review assessments on Formative, I can start pulling small groups in real time to either help reteach or provide enrichment.


I use formative to assess how well students are responding to lessons. As an ESL/ELL/ELD teacher who works with new comers to the country, the oral response option is an invaluable tool. I have high hopes that Formative also adds an option for teachers to record verbal instructions/questions as well, which would mimic dictation or call and response. I am also working with my team to use formative as an initial pre-assessment tool when we have students arrive throughout the year. The number of tools available to scaffold language barriers will allow us to more quickly and accurately understand each student’s knowledge.


Thank you for providing such easy method of evaluation and uploading the document feature that I love the most. Uploading and not need to retype it is the make Formative is different from the others.


I use GoFormative to help me with me remediation! I teach Gifted so my students are ALL OVER the place! some of the need re-teaching on simple skills others in advance skills. After my small group the students do their exit tickets on there as well as their pre and post test! I love the immediate feedback!


I really love using the Formative responses as a way to select and model student responses as we work on writing scientifically and with evidence. As we collect responses, I can hide student names and show examples on how we can climb up through our proficiency ladder, and it really allows us a good opportunity to provide feedback and constructive critique.


I use go formative as a quick review tool to check on my students and how much they remember for their EOC exam in Algebra. I can quickly put the assessment in, assign it, and they can work it at home or at school, and I can see their results, and they can see their results to know if they need to come in for tutoring.
I am new to formative, but I like the features I have seen so far. I would be even more interested and love this program MORE if there was a way to put in math type - instead of just pictures, but the pictures will at least work for my current purposes.
Thank you for this product!! It has saved me quite a bit of time in grading, and my students benefit from the immediate feedback!


I pick random student answers to go over during class. I ask students to give a grade for an essay or a show your work problem.


Agree! I find the feedback in the process really allows for the learning to evolve and growth to occur. I like the standards for this as well as I can tag the formatives and see how that gradual release begins to unfold in their responses.


I use GoFormative mostly for formative assessments and reviews. I like the idea of allowing the students to see if the students got the questions correct or not instantly. In addition, it is easier to submit an assignment on GoFormative when I’m absent from school because I can see which students have done the work or not.


We use Formative with our third graders to check comprehension and practice constructed response. Formative also helps students practice typing their responses which is a needed skill not only during testing but in life as the students will be interacting with computer more than paper/pencil in most of their lives/careers.
We usually use Formative as a place for response to our read aloud book. We post questions which use inference skills and some that also make them make a choice and have to defend their choice with evidence from the text.


Because I am able to put the standards with the questions, I am able to see quickly what standards need more attention, as well as utilize the data to form small groups. With the extended response questions, I am able to flip them onto our projector to talk about it whole group focusing on grammar or conventions. This helps to not reinvent the wheel, but take work they’ve already done and utilize it for other purposes which makes lighter work on my part and more meaningful work on theirs.


I look at the results at the end of the day to form small groups for the next day.