Earn Your Formative Educator Badge!


I use Formative as a way to check comprehension of authentic resources we read in French. The students can answer using their strengths - draw, type, etc. I love that at a glance I can see what was understood and what we need to work a bit more on.


I use it to check understanding as we do class videos. I am also planning to use them as exit tickets, but that may be next year. It’s easy to see which students are paying attention by asking quick, multiple choice questions based on the documentary we are currently watching.


I love that Go Formative lets me see student results in real time. That I am able to capture student responses and use this to see which questions cause my students to struggle.


I use it to assess concepts taught but more often, I use it to create my small group instruction in the area of math. I can quickly see who needs help with specific concepts and who needs extension in those areas. I also like that I can view the students’ responses as they are working so I can assist them as they go!


I use formatives as a warm up- I do not take take them as a grade, so that we can discuss together where the misconceptions are.


GoFormative has been a great tool. I use it to monitor my students. It allows me to see what needs to be retaught immediately.


I use Formative almost every day with my world history students. At this point, I am mainly using this as a Do Now/Warm-up activity at the beginning of my class. I ask questions about what was discussed during the our last class, and I have found it to be a great way to clear up misconceptions. I love that I can see how each of my kids is doing, and I also like the ability to see who is still working and who is still thinking through his/her answers. I really like that I’m able to see what my kids know, and what they still need help with. When I see that they are struggling with a question or concept, I try to explain it in another way. This is also a great way for me to test whether or not a question makes sense. Finally, I like that I can see an overall picture of my students’ learning over time! I plan to continue using this in my classes, and I will continue to show other teachers how I have been using this in my classes.


I had to be absent from my class for two weeks for surgery. A colleague introduced me to GoFormative.com and I have LOVED being able to continue teaching and assessing students during my absence. I am going to continue to use this to assess my students growth and use it in future to begin to become a paperless, flipped classroom. Thank you for this amazing tool.


I use Formative for warm-up activities as well as tests and quizzes. I can use the results to target questions that my students don’t understand and reteach those concepts as needed.


I like goformative as easy ways to snapshot how my students grasped the lesson and what we need to work on from the lesson. My students like the interactability too! :slight_smile:



I do three different types of Formative Assessment:

  1. Self - assessment
  2. Peer-assessment
  3. Feedback
    Responses and insights differ from the assessment type: self-assessment gives me an opportunity to engage with the individual student’s perception of their skills/knowledge, we can set personal goals and intervene with misconceptions, peer-assessment allows me to see trends in the class, how students perceive themselves and others, let’s me to gauge how the group of students feel about themselves as learners. Finally feedback, this is my tool to give standards and goals related feedback and teach particular learning strategies.


My students and I enjoy using GoFormative because they are able to receive instant feedback and can see each other’s work anonymously. This allows me to clear any misunderstandings during a lesson.


I’ve been using GoFormative as my warm-up questions at the beginning of each class, and for discussion topics. I used to project questions on my projector, but that seemed like such a waste of energy. Plus, this way, they can still see the questions and answers afterward.


I like using Formative for review. By monitoring the dashboard, I can see who may be lagging and circulate to assist that student in a timely manner. I can also easily see if many of the students are struggling with the same problem - I can then offer a quick review or reteach the concept, as necessary.


I immediately assess students’ responses and share them with my class and students. I comment on students’ responses whether they have successfully answered a question or need to correct their mistakes. I utilize students’ responses and display them on the board for my whole class to see right/wrong answers so we can all learn from each other.


I use Formative to ensure retention of topics throughout the year with our warm ups. I also use it to ensure that they understand the material that has been taught that day for exit tickets. Then, I can use this information in order to provide remediation and enrichment the following day to ensure mastery of a concept. I am hoping to use Formative more during my lessons to help guide instruction and utilize as another quiz or test option. The students love how they can see immediate feedback showing right or wrong answers as well as comments that I can share instantly.


I have a flipped classroom design. GoFormative has helped me to “give feedback” to students who are practicing skills during class as there is only one of me, but on GoFormative, they can check to see right away if they are on track or if they need help without having to wait for me to come around to their table. This also gives me a big picture of areas of weakness before they even leave the classroom so I can address those to the whole class or small groups.


I am ecstatic about learning how to effectively implement GF in my classroom. I’m curious as to what procedures work well when using GF to prepare students for standardized test prep? Any one have great ideas on this subject?


New to using Formative but so far I am enjoying checking the live responses during opening activities to confirm student understanding when reviewing previous lessons content. I’m working on building larger scope in the work for my next unit.


I tag each question with a standard so I know which standards I need to review (both as a whole class and individually) before EOG time.