Drag and Drop feature


I was using the drag and drop feature with an ENL class and in doing so used pictures to help them visualize better. In doing this I ran into problems with being able to scroll back and place the term in the proper category. Is there a way to resize images to use them or should I just go without using images?


There’s currently no way to resize the images. We can definitely consider improving the UI here to make it easier :slight_smile:


I would support the resizing of images for a future vote.


@david Please consider this - it can get a bit frustrating on the teacher end when trying to load things.


@Jason_Jorgensen @weisepet @Rachel_Kerr

We’ve been thinking about this a bit more. Is it the core issue that when you want to drag an images option into one of the categories…the page won’t scroll as you drag the image up or down to the proper category? If so, perhaps we can make it do so. Allowing the teacher or student to need to resize the image itself seems like it might end up being tedious for the user.


That is the main issue being able to drag and drop pictures… it caused major issues in trying to help my enl students


Exactly like this. And on smaller Chromebooks it’s even more frustrating …


I ran across a similar issue when I had students categorize long lists (it will not scroll up and down efficiently), to the point where midway through students using the formative I had them stop and divided the list into three “different” questions (Questions 4, 5 and 6 were originally one question)


Thanks for the quick feedback @Jason_Jorgensen @michael.lutz @mgarcia ! We can definitely look into improving this :slight_smile:


The core issue for me is allowing me to resize the image. Thanks


Thanks, Rachel! Can you explain why you need to be able to re-size the images for the Categorize question type? What additional benefit would this provide on top of allowing you to scroll as you drag items to different categories?


@Jason_Jorgensen @weisepet @Rachel_Kerr @michael.lutz

So we discovered that you can in fact drag an item (whether it be an image, text, or mathtext) while scrolling up or down the page. You just need to hold your cursor less than a centimeter from the bottom of the page (when scrolling down) and less than a centimeter from the top of the page (when scrolling up). When scrolling up, the region where you can place your cursor to scroll seems smaller:

We can definitely work on improving the Categorize question type so it’s easier to drag things (ex: enlarging the space where you need to drag, making the containers around images smaller so they take up less space).


Now the “trick” is to have students be patient enough to use the “hack”. :slight_smile:


But your gif is showing that you can’t actually scroll down,@david: you can only scroll down one section and then the screen stops … Or am I mistaken?


Sorry about the GIF. As shown in the new one below, you can scroll down all the way to the bottom…you just need to hold your cursor at the very bottom of the page:

As mentioned above, we are looking into improving this so it’s easier to use :slight_smile: