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Greeting Community Members :snowflake:

We’ve created subject and interest-specific groups that you can join. By joining a group, you’ll get notified when a community member mentions your group in their post. Likewise, you can mention a group whenever you are posting something that’s relevant to them. Click here to join as many groups as you’d like!

You can return to the group page at any time to view fellow members and see their most recent activity by selecting groups in the top right of your screen:

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Is it possible to add World Language group?


Hey Faiza! Great suggestion! We just added the @WorldLanguages_Eds group!


Is it possible to add a K-5 group?


Hey Stephanie,

We are currently only creating subject-specific and interest-specific groups. The reason for this is because our community is still brand new and we feel that these two types of groups best encourage open exploration. As our community continues to grow and more educators interact, we will definitely consider creating grade band groups as we can see it being useful for finding specific content and also for addressing other teachers who teach the same grade levels.

For now, we recommend that you join all the groups that apply to the subjects you teach. By joining these groups, you will be notified whenever someone mentions the group in their topic.

In addition, we encourage you to use the search bar if you are looking for something grade-specific:

Also, you can click on subject-specific tags to filter posts by subject as well:

Lastly, if you aren’t finding something that you need, we highly encourage you to post it! In your post you can feel free to include grade-specific language to address educators who teach the same grade levels.

Thanks for bringing up a great question and please let me know if we can help with anything else!



I was going to ask the same thing!!! I teachHigh School Italian and Spanish , what do you teach? And… don’t you think that the audio feature in Formative is the best to get student samples and get them involved? Also to hear your voice? :):grinning:


@djohnson You might have already seen this, but we now have a @WorldLanguages_Eds group! Feel free to join it and use that tag to notify WL teachers when you post something about World Languages!


Yes. The audio feature is really great in Formative. When responding to a text, I sometimes ask students to record their responses instead of typing. This can a foramtive assessment for any oral task.



Joined!!! Thank you so much!!!


Not sure where Stephanie is from, but in Kentucky, elementary teachers (K-5) teach all content areas. So, I really understand her request for k-5 group. I truly respect these elementary teachers…Go Stephanie! Must be difficult to teach everything!