Different Kinds of Badges & When They Are Awarded


Currently there are only three badges within Levels (1-3) that are automatically rewarded…“First Like”, “Formative Learner”, and “Autobiographer”. The rest are manually rewarded. As a result, you can expect for your badges to be updated on a daily basis. We are also going to try to automate more of the badges very soon.

In addition, we are going to start to create a weekly badge celebration topic, highlighting all of the educators who earned badges during the week!

Please message me if you have any feedback, questions, or concerns :slight_smile:! We’d love to hear from you!

In your opinion, what are the characteristics of effective feedback?

David, thanks for sharing! That helps explain something that I was wondering :slight_smile:


No problem Andrew! Glad it’s helpful!


what are the manual badges can be gotten? is there ant advantages of taking them ?


Here’s where you can see all the badges! You can also see them by selecting “Achievement Badges (Awarded Every Night )” from the sub-menu in the top right of your screen!

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The achievement badges serve multiple functions! They are aligned with learning and collaborating within the Community Center. As a result, they help teach you how to interact within our community and learn from other educators. In addition, by earning badges, you can unlock different titles and special opportunities. Once you earn your Level 1 badges, you’ll be considered an “Informed Member” and be eligible for consideration to lead a #webinar and share how you are using Formative in the classroom. Once you earn both your Level 1 and Level 2 badges, you’ll be eligible to apply to be a Formative Certified Educator. @Certified_Educators unlock opportunities to collaborate with one another on a deeper level to both inform the future of Formative and find innovative ways to use technology in the classroom! Here’s a longer post which goes into more details!


thanks David. that is very useful.


new to the topics and discovering ways to get the badges as i have been using goformative for two years in the Arabic language in Dubai and soon will lead and present a workshop to train Arabic teachers in UAE how they can use it in thier classroom. still trying to get the ways to be certified . i have one green tick on liking topics and not sure what exactly is level one . i have viewed more than 10 topics but it looks not done with level one ?!


Hey Samah, while the “First Like” badge can be automatically given, we need to manually award other badges like the “Formative Learner” one. We do this each night (PST time) so you can expect to see your’s updated soon! As shown on the badging page, those first two badges make up Level 1 and once you are awarded with both, you will be considered an Informed Member!


Muchas gracias David, ahora estoy más claro.


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Check this out, @rpentz


Super informative! Thanks a ton! :slight_smile:


I am glad that this is helpful! You are welcome, Sammie :slight_smile: