Closing a formative?


When you close a formative, what happens to it? Can students still see it on their end?


Hi Craig!!

It has been my experience that when you close a formative, students can still enter the formative, they just can’t make any edits to it. I hope this info helps :grinning:



Thanks for reply Sarah! Can I ask one more question? :blush: How do you make it so that students can no longer see the formative any more?


Hey Craig! I am going to hop in and reply since I saw your post and know the answer :grinning: You can un-assign the formative. When you un-assign a formative, it disappears from your students’ dashboards, and they can no longer enter, or view the formative.

I hope this helps!!



I agree. Once you close it, it’s done until you open it again.


I did not realize this. That’s a good way to minimize the number of Formatives they’re seeing listed! Thanks!


Once the kids are finished and they submit the work how would I go about sending back the test to them if I am allowing corrections or changes to the drawings?


If you want to return scores while allowing students to still edit their responses, you can return to the Assign Panel and pick to return scores “Instantly”. You are just going to want to make sure that your formative is set to “allow students to edit after submitting” so they can continue to edit their responses.

Does that meet your need or were you looking for something else? :grinning:



That is what I was needing. Thank You.


If I unassign a formative, will my data go away with it?


@carrie.templeton No, it won’t. Just go to “view responses”, than click -> All. And all your students’ answers are there.


You can also re-assign the formative at anytime and the responses will re-appear under the associated class when you click on the tab for it!


I just want to confirm before I do this to my students and lose any possible test data.
If I unassign a Test because I do not want them to have access to it over night then reassign it to them in class, all of their answers and my comments will still be there?
I want to give my student a chance to make corrections the next day after they have had a chance to look things over again, but I do not want to the be able to access the Test.
Thanks for any confirmation.


This is a good question- I think that’s the way it works. I unassigned a test from the beginning of the quarter a few weeks ago. A kid requested to retake, so I reopened it for her. All of the previous data is there.

I used to just close them overnight, but I like that unassigning it means they no longer have access. The new dashboard design makes it so much easier to unassign formatives!


I learned something new today! Kids were frustrated at having so many assignments to scroll through to find the one they wanted. I taught them CTRL+F to find the #.# code I put in front of all my Formatives to make it easier, but this would definitely help reduce the stress of seeing all that work.