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We are starting this thread so that we can let you know about educational chats where you can connect and learn from other awesome educators! Follow this thread to stay updated!



@new_members @informed_members @Certified_Educators :formative:

Tomorrow, @kelly.barr @brent.hall @ebryan are hosting our second ever #goformative chat on Twitter (4:30PM PST/ 6:30PM CST / 7:30PM EST)! We are going to be discussing the following questions and it’s going to be opportunity to learn new ideas for using Formative:

If you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat before, below is a helpful poster for doing so. If you aren’t on Twitter, no worries! We plan on continuing this chat in our community!

Visual by: Timothy Wilhelmus


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Me and @rdene915 are hosting our next #formativechat on Twitter! We are going to be talking about productive peer assessment and would love to hear your thoughts :slight_smile: We hope you can join us!


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This week, Formative Certified Educators @Darcey_Teasdale @mgarcia & @d.vendramin are leading a slow chat about standards-based learning and would love for you to participate. Each day, they’ll be posting a new discussion question in the #specialized-application category of our community and inviting you to respond. I got a sneak peek of the questions and they are sure to produce some awesome conversation!

Have a great week everyone :sunglasses:

Update…here are links to the community topics where we discussed each question! Feel free to check what other educators said and share your thoughts!


What do you use to assess your standards (points, rubric - if a rubric how many levels do you use?


What are some of the mentalities/habits that you personally have to fight against as you work to maintain a standards-based learning environment?


How can you differentiate your teaching in a standards based learning environment?


What types of assignments are more conducive to standards based learning?


How many times do your students usually attempt re-assessment in a standard? How do you prepare them for it?


How can standard-based learning and infusing innovation work hand in hand?


How do engaging methods such as Project Based Learning and/or Genius Hours work with standard-based learning?

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Later today, me and @rdene915 are also hosting #formativechat and are discussing one of my favorite topics, effective differentiation. If you are on Twitter, we hope you can join us live. If you are not, we’ll be posting the questions later this week in the #specialized-application category so you can participate as well!


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Formative Certified Educator @Danielle_Moore is guesting hosting our #formativechat tomorrow on Twitter (4:30PM PST / 7:30PM EST) and we’d love to invite you to join us! We’ll be talking about how we can help give students a greater voice in their education and ways to let them decide the “what”, “when”, and “why” of learning! It’s going to be a great conversation (3 questions in 30 minutes) and we’d love to hear your input!


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Summer’s here! We invite you to join us for #formativechat later today (4:30PM PST / 7:30PM EST) and reflect on how you used formative assessment this school year. It’ll be a great opportunity to learn new formative ideas from other educators (including Formative Certified Educators) and celebrate all the awesome things you’ve accomplished. The questions we’ll be discussing are below and you can click here for how to participate:


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Last #formativechat, we asked teachers what they’d like to improve upon in terms of their use of formative assessment and many of them shared the desire to become more efficient with it. So that’s what we are discussing this week! Join us tomorrow at 4:30PM PST / 7:30PM EST and you’ll most certainly learn some great ideas that you can take back to your classroom! Certified Educator @mlschnick is returning to guest host!


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This week, Formative Certified Educators @stephanie_howell & @d.vendramin are leading a slow chat about how to best serve students with special needs and would love to hear from you! Each day, they’ll be posting a new question in the #specialized-application category for you to think about and respond to!

Q1 is now up! Click here to share how you work with others (co-teachers, colleagues, admin…) to create a learning environment that is conducive for students with special needs!

Q2 is now up! Click here to share how you are helping all students achieve and not just the ones who are struggling!

Q3 is now up! Click here to share how you are helping THAT kid who is really struggling!

Q4 & Q5 are now up! Click here to share the tech tools and features that help you provide all students with access to learning!


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Tomorrow we are hosting another awesome #formativechat on Twitter at 4:30PM PST/ 6:30PM CST / 7:30PM EST! This time, we are inviting educators to share how they leverage standards-based learning and we’d love to hear from you! Lurkers are also welcome :slight_smile: