Changes to certifcation requirements


I noticed a big change today and it was quite a surprise. Will there be a post addressing this change?


I wish there is. I would love to be certified in near future since I have been using Formative routinely and going to have sessions on 30 th of March for Google Summit in Qatar.

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i really want to get certified too! I stopped trying for a month and came back and see there is more needed- a lot more! I could never get this one badge no matter how hard I tried. Its ok! I will succeed! I hope!

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I noticed the same thing and am really disheartened. I was working on getting all of my badges, and I made some posts that should have gotten me badges, but didn’t. After that, I didn’t log in for a while, and now I have all of these other requirements? It’s a bit much. I think that some of the requirements now are too much. I’m not saying that the certification should be super easy, but it should be more manageable than this. Some of the requirements are really arbitrary, especially considering the number of active people in this community.

Perhaps having some of the requirements waived if we give a PD on Formative or something would be an option?

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@admin1 Is there any way that we can get some input on this, or some justification as to the changes made? Thanks so much!


Hey all! Community Manager here. First and foremost, I’d like to thank you for your interest in becoming a Formative Certified Educator. We have a great little community and you’d make a great addition.

I’m sorry I didn’t notice this thread sooner. There have not been any changes made to the certification process as of now.

I will review everyone’s history and award badges accordingly today. Our badging system is not automated. Here at Formative we’ve actually discussed ways to improve this especially as our Community grows. Always feel free to PM me if you feel a badge should have been earned.

Here is the overview for becoming a Certified Educator. I’m happy to answer any questions. You can reply to this thread or PM me. Once I review your badges, I will have a better idea of the next steps you can take towards certification.

@alexandria.adams there is always room for improvement in the process. Would it be okay for me to follow-up with you to hear any ideas you have for changes to the certification process?


@Jill_Nyahay Thanks so much for the response. I guess we’re all assuming that the requirements have changed because you have to get all level 1 and level 2 badges, and those have changed. The “100 consecutive days in a row” used to be in a separate category, but has now been moved to the level 2 badges. I’m not sure if those were intentional moves, but it does make the process a lot less attainable now (or at least seems that way).

I would love to have a chat about the requirements for certification. I’ve done Nearpod certification, and am probably going to try my hand at Google Certification, and so I would love to provide insight into how to try to manage getting this one as well!

Hope that you have a wonderful day!


I would love to chat about the changes also. Please include me when you have information/time, etc. I have the same concerns listed above. My biggest concern is that there is not a clearly defined list of requirements. There is no delineation of what are the basics and bonus badges. It was a major change and as alexanria.adams stated it feels like an obtacle to getting certified.
I am presumng that Formative would like to grow in terms of usage and the like. Perhaps checking with some other companies to get some pointers.


Just getting started with Formative and I’ve always found working toward certification in a platform is the best way for me to learn it inside and out. Has a list of the required and bonus badges ever been created, or is everything on the badges page required? Thanks, and looking forward to getting to know everyone.


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@admin1 Hey guys! Is there any way that we can talk about this again? With the new school year coming, I’d really like to talk about how to get this certification!

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