Challenge Based Learning?



Have any of you used Challenge or Project Based Learning with formative? I need a good place for students to check in with their work, and find blogs or videos too cumbersome (at times) to truly get a pulse on their work. Any ideas or formatives that you’ve created to help with the CBL process?


I haven’t tried using formative during the PBL process yet. I would imagine you could line it up with whatever your pacing guide/expectations were for the project well though. Give them a space to type their problem or question - you can give live feedback on any tweaks they need to make, etc.

Any @Certified_Educators use formative for PBL that they could share?


You could even have the kids copy and paste the hyperlink to online documents AS the Short Answer, so you could access it quickly in a new tab, grade it, give feedback, etc. I could even see a rubric being available on the GoFo so students know how you are grading them. In fact, students could self-assess by using that posted rubric and then you could code it green if you agree or red if you disagree OR give them an actual number so they can go back and change their work.


I love this idea! I may switch how I do project reflections to look like this!


Lots of good ideas to consider. I’m using a hyperdoc right now with it–I just feel like there could be more structure or organization with it. I guess that’s also part of the “giving up control” aspect of Challenge Based Learning, too! :wink: