Best Way to Present Go Formative


awesome thank you… I will make those adjustments


I know I’m late to this party - LOL - - but we have the same frustration with tech PD in our District. The one school that has had more success than the others has their admin involved. They made ONE goal for the teachers per year - and it was for one new tool - so presenting it to a large group as an introduction first - then in small groups for more direct instructions, then a few wanted some 1 on 1 for slower and more precise instructions - this seemed to work very well - it’s definitely slow paced - but seems to work well with the more hesitant teachers - and it’s less intimidating for those who have a techphobia!


@jeremy.tuller - I find that simply demonstrating and then allowing them to create/play around with it is the best way to introduce!


I greatly believe having teachers experience what the students would first is a great way to start a training just like suggested by Anthony @apeters . I think as well , having teachers use an app or a website before hand is a good start to have them get a feel of the training (especially with Apps and websites).
Maintaining staff interest can be challenging too, same as with teaching students. For this I would suggest having PDs done based on teachers needs, interests and acquaintance level.
Thanks for sharing the Formative Training example you have used.