Best Practices for Reassessment?



We have a reassessment policy and I love the idea of using Go Formative to help manage that. I searched it and could not find a topic on this specifically, so I have to know-what are the best things you do to manage reassessments in your classroom though Go Formative?

Thank you in advance.


I make a clone of my Formative and assign it again to my students. Or you could slightly change some of your questions, @Jenifer_Zywicki. Wasn’t there the possibility to change an uploaded pdf with another without deleting the questions, @david?


Yep! This was a past feature vote winner. I am hoping we can do this soon!


That would be a great feature, to change out PDFs. I have been cloning, changing the name to “Formative Name v2” and adjusting questions. I just wanted to make sure I hadn’t been missing out an awesome method.
This has also taught me the value of not putting everything on Google Classroom. I post the original up there for them to take, then the retake, I have the students just log in to GoFormative. This way our GC feed does not clog up.


Thanks for the feedback, Jenifer!

This is a great tip for GC users!


I like the reminder that CG gets clogged up. I have been using a MC formative as the initial assessment and en with the reassessments I often use the same material but randomize the answers and move a few questions around. This seems rather simplistic, but for many students it seems like a brand new assessment with little extra work for me. I keep it all in formative. I also close the original so they have no additional access.


I like the idea of making a clone and changing it a little. I teach math so it is fairly easy to change a few numbers but still have essentially the same problem. We have been using paper formatives in our classes and I’m just now moving towards using Formative. I feel like Formative might make it easier for students to do a retake because they will have easier access to the retake since it is digital. I can point students, resource teachers, parents, etc. in the direction of where to find the formative so students can do it outside of my classroom.


Lately I have “re-thought” the reassessment. If the students have not completed the formative work (sometimes this is from goformative but can be other activities; anything that counts as practice) then I am not allowing a reassessment. Previously, students were allowed to retake summative assessments even if they came to the test unprepared. They would be asked to do the practice work first and then be given a retest. Now, I only allow a student who turns in all the practice. Otherwise, the test grade stands. I love how easy it is to track the students in goformative. Makes this much easier for me when it’s time to allow or deny a retest.

What is one (or more) of your assessment ideas that you thought were untouchable but now live comfortably without?
What is one (or more) of your assessment ideas that you thought were untouchable but now live comfortably without?

I like your approach a lot, @Mary_Shields. The responsibility is returned to the student. The way it should be :wink:


I like the idea of using Formative for re-assessment. I plan to take the most missed questions from tests and quizzes and create a formative form those questions. It may take a little to type each question but, I feel like it will be worth the time and the formative will be an original and fit the specific needs of the students using it. If I plan to use it again, I would use that formative in a different manner other than what it was originally created for.