Appsmashing With Formative!



Great Ideas! I just found out that TodaysMeet is gone, but there is another Backchannel Chat that one teacher says is similar. My ideas of Formative have now expanded to include so much more!


This was really interesting! I liked the idea of putting Today’s Meet especially as I always like the idea of discussion/backchannel chatting used appropriately in the classroom.


Todaysmeet is no more! is there anything similar?


I’ve heard good things about though I have not used it myself nor tried to embed it.


Just stumbled upon this - haven’t used yet but might be worth a look


Great information on Appsmashing! I have wanted to do some appsmashing but was struggling to get ideas to start. I have used Flipgrid and TodaysMeet but never heard of Speakpipe. I am going to try using Speakpipe in my next formative. I have a new student that has major vision limitations so this would allow me to alter anything I want to use and he could listen to it and not struggle to keep up with class.!


I’d love to see an example of how you use this… for me, I kind of keep them all separate… I teach Spanish at the HS level…
I use Formative, FlipGrid, Nearpod, Quizlet, GimKit, and Kahoot.
Basically, Gimkit and Kahoot are for games and gameified review,
Quizlet is for all kinds of vocab learning,
FlipGrid is for speaking assessments, Nearpod for guided lessons and real-time student feedback, and Formative for assessment.


Wow - so many great ideas! Thank you very much!