Appsmashing With Formative!



I was just looking into that, and it seems like they do. (, and it is not single sign-on.


Thanks. I had an idea to assign a video as homework. Then students could ask questions. Students could reply with answers (if they know them). Comments/questions could be discussed the next class day. Of course, this would only work if questions/comments posted in order of the video timestamps or if you can reply directly to a specific comment. (I’m still experimenting.)


@tricia.mintner @mgarcia If I remember right, yes, you can answer to any comment posted. :slight_smile: so glad I could contribute, I have learned so much from you all!!! :slight_smile:


From what I saw, both of those are true, though the time stamps for the comments are to the specific position in the video, not to when the comment is made.


I am learning quite a lot in this Formative board! I love that you could integrate so many other tech tools with Formative. The possbilities are endless. I am very excited to learn more!


Since Today’s Meet shut down June 18th, 2018 :frowning:
I looked at some other options. One is the Answer Garden I checked and it works in Go Formative. It’s free and you can put 20-40 characters for students to respond in real time.
I like the idea of adding voice recording for spelling tests and to support my ELL students. This year I am going to use podcasting and blogs. Doing vlogs was also one of my ideas. Now that Fligrid is free - I think I could embed a grid on Go Formative to capture these vlogs. Hmmm:)


Why yes, yes you can :slight_smile: I’ve been using it to do just that when I want then to focus their vlogs on a specific topic, and even “forcing” a reply between them as part of the assignment (i.e. in order to get full credit you must not only post your own vlog but reply to at least one other student specifically referencing their response - "In your response you mention ____, I agree/disagree because ___).


Since Today’s Meet is no more, is there another backchannel/discussion tool like it that you use to App Smash with Formative?


I wondered the same thing as I was reading posts. Carrie had a good solution.


I use answer garden for collecting responses and creating a word cloud; I did not make the connection to Today’s Meet style connection- now I will definitely need to think about that. Thank you.


I see VoicePipe as a great tool for ELL students.


An Informative webinar! Intrigued with the idea of using Speakpipe for not only struggling readers, as there is power in students hearing the teacher read aloud, but also to help direct and guide student thinking for a given open ended question.


Thanks for the feedback, Jessica! Using audio recordings to direct and guide student thinking for open-ended Q’s so intriguing. I’d love to hear more about this and/or take a look at any examples you make!


We were reading Sammy Keyes as a class, book study. For comprehension, students had to make a prediction about the next chapter . I would use the audio to direct students to think of specific events that happened in the past chapter(s) that can help determine possible outcomes for the upcoming chapter.

Also for my struggling reader, before we would begin reading I would give words of encouragement, remind her of sounds etc. It was a real confidence booster. I would use the audio this way as well.


That sounds like a great way to make formatives more personal! Way to go :raised_hands:


Can you share a Formative where you have done this? If the Flipgrid is open I would like to see what that looks like as well.


Here is one, though the grid itself is locked to people within our domain.


Just scrolling through the topics and saw this Formative you shared. Great idea in App smashing Padlet and Formative to mix in the feedback piece with students, @d.vendramin. I’m sure your students appreciate the fact that their teacher cares about what they learned and if they are still confused about something. Have you used this app smash again since that initial use?

What would be rad in extending the use of your Padlet, now that Padlet allows you to record a video response, is to have the students record a reflection of their learning from the formative. That way, students can express their thinking verbally and maybe clear up something that they weren’t able to communicate in their written response. You definitely inspired me with this formative. I will for sure be using it in the future! Thanks Dean!


Thanks @geilers Formative has so many ways to promote student voice and choice whether accessing the tools available within the app or smashing them with another external tool. I love the feedback from padlet and have used flipgrid for video responses.Glad you found that Formative useful. Formative provides so many ways to elicit student voice and provide effective and timely feedback.


Great information David. I am very familiar with Flipgrid but I had never heard of Speakpipe. I can totally see myself using it with my Ells. Very curious about TodayMeet as well. Thanks for sharing.