Appsmashing With Formative!



Great Ideas, Thanks!!!


I am glad you found some useful ideas! Also, I notice that you are new here! Welcome :slight_smile:


This was a great session. I really enjoy the idea of using speakpipe. I have a hand full of students that have a hard time reading and writing. I plan to start using speakpipe on my lesson for next week.
Thank you


I love the idea of using TodaysMeet with Formative. It’s a great way to extend the conversation beyond the assessment!


Very informative session! I am anxious to try Speakpipe + Formative for my Spec Ed teachers to help them in reading tests to the students. VERY helpful! Thanks!


Thanks @browna ! I used to be a special education teacher and definitely agree that this would be helpful for students who benefit from having information re-read.


Just found this thread re: appsmashing! Too many amazing suggestions. With a busy end of year coming up I’ve made note to check them out during a summer PD day. Thanks all!


Thanks for a great webinar, David! I was familiar with FlipGrid, but had never heard of Speakpipe or TodaysMeet before. I’m so excited to use them both! I LOVE the idea of Speakpipe for recording passage read alouds. One of my greatest challenges in the classroom has been making sure students who cannot read a passage on their own are still able to access the activity. Often times this results in partner reading, however that isn’t always possible or ideal. Embedding a recording of a passage is such a wonderful solution! I’m trying it out now with a Formative I’ll be using again next year just to see how it goes :slight_smile:

PS - I was so happy to see you can record for free on Speakpipe! I’m all about free apps!


Awesome, Nadine! It’s great to hear that the idea of embedding audio recordings is helpful for supporting your students! I’d love to see what you create :slight_smile:


I’ve never heard of SpeakPipe before, but I am eager to look into it. I came across this conversation/video because I am looking for a way to have Formative assessments read aloud to my students with disabilities. Are there any other ways to creating a Formative that can read questions to students or is SpeakPipe the best option?


In addition to the option to embed audio, we also have a premium audio content type. This allows you to create recordings for students to listen to within Formative! You can learn more about premium here.

Check out this special premium promotion that we are running till the end of June too!


@david Loved watching the Appsmashing with Formative! video. Although I know that premium members now have the option of recording audio automatically, I am thinking about my teacher friends that teach languages. They can use something like speakpipe to record a passage in a different language (like Spanish). I can’t wait to share that with them.

I used flipgrid quite a bit during the school year, and now am thinking of ways to use it within a formative. I have my students introduce them selves to the class at the beginning of the year. I am thinking I can somehow use these together.

I am really sad that Today’s Meet went away. Never knew it could be embedded in a formative. I could have really used that during my virtual study sessions. Instead, I had two separate tasks. I could have combined them.

Will be looking for more ways to app smash with goformative.


I am glad you enjoyed it, Shai! As for appsmashing Formative and Flipgrid, here’s a couple ideas from @mgarcia:


Wow, appsmashing with formative! I love the idea of using speakpipe for adaptations. The use of flipgrid from warm ups is also a great idea. It would be really powerful to use in my classroom. I am now thinking of other apps to appsmash with… hyperdocs… edpuzzle… peardeck/nearpod? we will be a 1 to 1 school next year and being able to embed other apps into formative expands the possibilities. I would love to hear how and what others are using with formative in their classrooms.


Thanks for the feedback, Jeff! Here’s a few topics you might want to check out for those other apps!

@msashlylcot & @fichtlis led webinar on hyperdocs!

Example of appsmashing with Edpuzzle for science!

There are educators who use PearDeck too! Like… @Dawn_Frier1 !


Awesome video and discussion afterwards. I like all the suggestions like using Padlet, Phet and Gizmos in the formative.

I also saw that Today’s Meet has actually closed :confused:
Has anyone found a replacement?


Thanks, Mike! Yeah, it’s a bummer that Today’s Meet is no longer available. Have you checked outVoxer? It allows for group audio and written chat. I am not sure if anyone has ever used it with students, but I think it would be worth exploring!


Hi David! Great webinar, I learned a lot!!! As I was watching the TodaysMeet part, it reminded me of another app I learned about years ago, called Vialogues. If I remember right, you can watch a video together, teacher can include questions to be answered during the video, students can respond to questions and/or add comments all in real time, as a whole-class or group activity. Have you ever heard of it, and could that be embedded in Formative you think? :slight_smile:


Hi Daniela,

I had not heard of Vialogue, but your question had me go look into it. Looks like a really cool tool, and I greatly appreciate the share. Love the fact that you can search for content already there, add videos from YouTube or even upload your own. As to your question about embedding in Formative, the answer is YES! After you choose a video you have the option to share, which you can do via link or embed. Choosing embed and copying the iframe code I was able to add it without issues to Formative.
< iframe src=“” width=“540” height=“700” frameBorder=“0” scrolling=“No” allowfullscreen>

I did change the aspect ratio of their embed code in the sample pictured below to < iframe src=““1000” height=“800” frameBorder=“0” scrolling=“No” allowfullscreen> just so that it would take the whole width of the screen.

FYI, what you see below is just a picture of the embedded item. In a formative, it is active for commenting.


Cool! @djohnson, do the students need a Vialogue account to comment?