Appsmashing With Formative!



Look forward to learning more…


I really like Today Meet app and I can immediately use this app in Math, Science and ELA.


I am glad to hear that Lance! @Lisa_Scumpieru made a formative for ELA with Today’s Meet embedded. Check it out: Using One of David’s App Smashing Ideas


We’ve got a lot of great learning sessions coming up! @ndyer is leading one this week for science! Virtual Learning Session: A Couple Cool Ways To Use Formative for Teaching Science (Wednesday)


This is great! Thank you for sharing. I love appsmashing and it’s great that Formative allows you to do that!
I’ve embedded phET simulations before, but not these other apps! Awesome!


I am so happy you enjoyed the webinar Natalie! phET is an awesome tool to embed! Have you seen @JoeMarquez70 's labs where he embeds them? Here’s one: SCIENCE! A CER Lab


:thinking: I hadn’t heard of SpeakPipe prior to the virtual learning session. However, this seems like a very useful tool which also can be an added accomendation for those who need it. :hugs: love it!


Thanks Jacqueline! Yeah, it’s one of my favorite tools to use as well! I used to be a special educator and I can imagine this paired with Formative being a great support in meeting some of my students’ specific needs!

By the way, welcome to the community :slight_smile: If you haven’t seen it yet, @Lisa_Scumpieru led an awesome #webinar with great examples of scaffolding learning activities in her ELA classroom. If you are interested, you can check it out here and click on the Youtube link in the post: Virtual Learning Session Coming Up Next Friday!


Love app smashing and think this is so exciting for my students to be able to do!


Glad to hear it Lisa!


Great session! I always love hearing about new tools! Speakpipe is a new one for me!


This was really great!!! Love the ideas of how to use it in the classroom as well as the tutorial of how to do it!!! Thanks!


Thanks @jhuff ! I am glad to hear you enjoyed it :slight_smile: Yes! Speakpipe is one of my favorite tools to embed into Formative…if you couldn’t tell :wink:


AppSmashing is very reflexive. It can be used to create some amazing lessons! I can insert astronomy interactive simulations and more for students!


@david.lockett Great to see a fellow #formativechat friend here! I totally agree that agree that appsmashing can be a very powerful strategy! I’d love to hear what site you are using to draw your interactive simulations from!


This is awesome! I love it when a couple of my favorite tools work so well together. Now I can use my “Flipgrid Fever” with my “GoFormative Addiction.” Thank you for sharing.


Wow!!! very usefull information. Will certainly try Speakpipe to assist my ELL’s and those with oral testing accomodations. Great Session.


I love this idea of app smashing flipgrid and formative especially if it can be implemented in a different language. Just need to work on a topic to launch :rocket:. Awesome :clap:


Love appsmashing which lends itself really well to gamifying. Sites like LearningApps provide you with an embed code that can be added to your formatives for a nice break as students review or progress.


This is really cool! I love the idea of inserting these learning apps in formatives as a transition between questions! It seems like a nice way to switch things up :slight_smile: