Appsmashing With Formative!



On Thursday, October 12th (2:00-2:20 PM PST), I will be leading a virtual learning session. The topic is…“Appsmashing With Formative”! What is appsmashing? It’s implementing multiple apps for learning projects, activities, and tasks. In my learning session, I will be sharing a few educator favorites along with a few that may be relatively unknown!

If you are interested in tuning in, I will be broadcasting on Google Hangouts On Air and will share a Youtube link that you can use to watch the live feed! During the broadcast, you can submit comments and questions via the Youtube chat feature that I can respond to. While this is a pioneer exclusive learning session, you can feel free to tell a couple trusted colleagues in case they are interested in watching the live feed too :sunglasses: If you are unable to watch the broadcast live, I will make sure to post the recording in this topic for later viewing! You can reply directly to this topic to share your thoughts after you view it.

Update: Thanks to everyone who attended my virtual learning session! You can watch it below and share your feedback in a reply! Here’s the breakdown in case you just want to watch a specific part:

0:00- Definition of appsmashing and reasons to try it
7:15- Speakpipe
12:20- Flipgrid
17:16- TodaysMeet

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I will not be able to watch it live, but would love to see it. Sounds interesting! :slight_smile:


I LOVE AppSmashing! One of the best ways to show the power of Formative. Unfortunately, with football season in full swing, I am never available until after 6 pm pst.


I will be there if possible, but will be sure to watch the YouTube if not.

Do you mind us sharing the YouTube video with our fellow staff members?


thanks for sharing your interest Lisa! I’ll be sure to share the link to the recording here!


I totally agree and I think you do a great job with appsmashing! Have fun with football and I’ll share the linking to recording here.


Awesome, go for it! While the Community Center is still currently private for pioneers only, this should be a nice example of learning that can happen here and if they are interested, maybe they can be the people you invite to be the first newcomers (not part of the pioneer program).


@AndyB Here’s the link to the live stream!

Formatives for Kindergarten

Super excited to try Today’sMeet. Hopefully I will have more success with embedding it than I had with Padlet!


Thanks for watching the webinar and the feedback Ashly! I was bummed that it didn’t work during the webinar, but since then, it has! I’d love to hear how you plan on using it and how it goes!


I will keep you posted!


Sounds good! Thanks!


Loved the webinar. Excited to try Today’s Meet in a Formative as well. I have had trouble in the past with students staying appropriate on Today’s Meet, but that was about four years ago. Since it’s in the Formative, I think they will view it differently as well. They will take it more seriously. Great job.


Thanks Lisa! I really appreciate it! Yeah, I think that we must consider our students and the learning context before implementing TodaysMeet. I am glad that your students take Formative seriously! I think that when teachers implement Formative for the first time, they may have some of those same concerns since students are able to create anything live. We’ve heard from teachers that they are able to create a culture of learning where student thinking takes center stage and the unproductive things fall by the wayside. It’s pretty awesome!


Yes. I am trying Today’s Meet in all of my classes with a separate Formative for each. We are showing what we learned about our research for Climate Change so far and next steps! :slight_smile:


I tried my hand today at Appsmashing using Formative and Flipgrid. Here’s my example.


Great, I’d love to hear how it goes :grinning:


Here is my example of how I used Today’s Meet with students today in my Formative. It was awesome!


Nice work Andy. I hadn’t thought about using Flipgrid for this purpose before. Very cool and well thought-out.


I like that I can make multiple questions of Flipgrid with Formative. If I were to use only flipgrid, each question would have to be a separate link/activity.