Anti Cheating - thank you

For those of you that may not know, GoFormative will tell you that something has been copied and pasted. This helps cut down on cheating. I will probably let my students know that cheating in this program is tracked and notifies us. This will help deter students from copying and pasting and cheating on tests, classwork, etc.

take a look at this from a fellow GoFormative teacher:
(Anti-Cheating Feature Rocks!)


One issue I have noticed with the anti-cheating notification feature is if the student uses a program like “Grammarly” when they are typing their responses and they click on the suggested fixes (for spelling or grammar), this is picked up by the anti-cheating feature in GoFormative.

Would there be a way to work with Grammarly to distinguish this…or maybe display the portions of the copy/paste as highlighted (similar to Turnitin) so I can see what was copied/pasted.

I have this student who claims he copied and pasted one word from the actual test “videojuegos” and that’s why it showed as copied and pasted to me. Is there a way I can see what exactly he copied and pasted? Does his answer show with the exclamation point even if he copied and pasted from the actual test?

There is no way to know as far as I know that a student copied and pasted an element. Personally, I trust my students as I think I have gained their respect. Honestly this online situation is a tragedy and I hope it ends soon. Bless your hearts.

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