Anti-Cheating Feature Rocks!

My concern is with students cheating from other students. Not other sites. I have a lab where students are seated beside other students whose screens are clearly visible. If the students beside them have the same questions, how can I stop them from cheating?

I am late to the discussion, but I would like to add that if there was a browser block option so students could not move to another tab, nor exit the program until completed then that would eliminate much of the issues that were presented today. I know that Google Classroom offers a browser block for its quizzes when delivered to Chromebooks, so I know that the ability is possible. This would be a great feature for implementation for GoFormative.

But I also must confess that students will always be one step ahead of teachers, and those that want to cheat will find a way. In most cases it seems that if they spent even half of that energy on learning the topic then they wouldn’t need to cheat.

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I also would love a feature as an option where students can not switch tabs or the formative would lock them out (this would help eliminate some cheating methods). I also think it would be neat if I could have a question bank of say 5 questions for topic 1, 5 for topic 2, 5 for topic 3 and 5 for topic 4, and then students are randomly given one question from each topic for their formative so students would have different versions of questions and can’t lean over and look at a neighbours to cheat as they most likely would have a different question set.


Hi @heather.brothers! We actually have this feature already! It’s called Kiosk Mode and it’s an app that is compatible with devices running ChromeOS (i.e. Chromebooks). Currently, we offer this as an optional add-on to our school subscriptions. If you’re at one of our Partner schools, please let your Formative Success Manager know that you’re interested! :slightly_smiling_face:

@SHANNON_SEWELL Sorry that I’m replying very late, but did you know that Premium users can randomize the order of the questions in their formatives? You can read more about the feature here. That should make it harder for students to copy from other people’s screens :wink:

Do you know if they fixed the ‘Google’ login feature yet? I piloted the Kiosk when it first came out and it it only allowed username/password log in, as the Google login ‘check page’ was not whitelisted… and therefore not allowed. I have not tried it since then; I haven’t seen a post regarding this issue.

I would love to have the ability to lock the tab so students cannot search the internet during a formative. With Illuminate, students enter a special portal to take the assessment. Can formative do the same?

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What is the name of the app you use to lock down the computers during tests? I exclusively use online testing and would love to be able to do this.

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There is a Kiosk app/extension. @Jill_Nyahay can provide you more details.

That would be of great help to be able to use that feature