An amazing formative within a formative



Dear community,

I am thrilled to share a surprising formative with you. It’s something the world hasn’t seen so far:
a formative within a formative!

With this, I pursue two objectives:

  1. you can clone it in order to show your colleagues what they could do with a formative
  2. I implemented examples from my own teaching - you might get inspired :wink:

In my formative you will learn:

  • how to become famous with a four-chord song :slight_smile:
  • how you start a youtube-clip at a desired time
  • how to implement an interactive diagram from quizlet and learn about European countries
  • how students could underline verbs in a text
  • how students repeat grammar and report back to you where they will be needing your assistance
  • how students record a spoken poem
  • something about (un)healthy food :slight_smile:
  • about an intersection point of two straight lines
  • how scientists work
  • something about geometrical nets and cubic capacity
  • how to program in scratch and use a code line for a preformated answer mail

Start your learning session right away, by clicking here:
-> use the updated and improved version:

Have fun!

// updated version is available: December, 6th //

I added some more stuff:

  • Embed a chat
  • Embed Easynotecards
  • Embed Google Slides and Google Docs
  • Embed Google Sheets
  • Embed a Google Form

A special thanks to @david and @msashlylcot. You’re so inspiring!

// updated version: January, 11th //

  • added the iframe-generator

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I love this! I can see how this will help us build formatives as well as build our own formatives within a formative. It makes me think of a hyperdoc in a way. Thank you so much!


@michael.lutz This is great! I may use this for my presentation in February!


This is really awesome Michael! As you mentioned, I’ve never actually seen anyone do something like this before and I can see it being a great way to help educators explore with Formative. Specifically, I could see this being a great self-paced tutorial for people who want to tinker before creating their own formatives!


@Lisa_Scumpieru, @msashlylcot and @david: I’m excited and very happy that you like it a lot.


Hey @michael.lutz! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing formative with us. I love how detailed and thorough it is. I shared it on our Facebook page today too. Be sure to visit the page, like, and share the post! Thanks again for sharing too :grinning:



Dear @admin1, @Lisa_Scumpieru, @Dawn_Frier1, @d.vendramin, @msashlylcot, @jhuff, @david, @nicole and all other interested folks:

I added some more stuff and updated the old version:

  • Embed a chat
  • Embed Easynotecards
  • Embed Google Slides and Google Docs
  • Embed Google Sheets
  • Embed a Google Form

What you can do with a formative II:
Get it at:

A special thanks to @david and @msashlylcot. You’re so inspiring!

Looking for a tool to collect ideas collaboratively

@michael.lutz THANK YOU!!! You rock :metal:


Awesome, Michael! It looks great!


This is so awesome Michael! I know a teacher who was looking for a way to embed a google form and I’ll definitely be sharing this example with them :slight_smile:


@michael.lutz that is a brilliant example of how to show the different Formative functionality! Thank you so much for sharing this!


Thank you very much Michael! it’s a very useful formative!!! What kind of googledocs, etc. did you embedd? It’s also possible post for each pupil a separate doc?it looks to me, that the embedded googledocs are to small…

Would it be possible to put a question on a google docs, or is it only possible to create questions on pdf/word/…?

Keep on rocking!

P.S.: Der neue StarWars ist Hammer!!! War gestern mit Gabor dort:-)


Thank you!

It isn’t possible to embed different Google Docs for different students. However, you could make the iframe bigger when changing the values of height=“500px” and width=“700px” to a higher number (depending on your students’ device).


@florianmaechler @michael.lutz If you’d like students to be able to access different Google Docs, you could create a centralized one which has links to other pages that are just for individual students. You could then embed it into Formative and students can click on the pages relevant to them! I could see this being useful if you want to provide different learning resources to different students as they respond to a formative and engage in a class activity.

Here’s an example formative!

You can also control who has access to specific docs that you’ve linked. For example, I’ve restricted access to Alexa’s link so you can’t see it when you click on it.


Nicely done @david ! :+1:


Hi Michael, great stuff! :slight_smile: Do you think you can also embed Google Drawings?


@gabor.kertesz It should be possible: go to: File -> Publish to the web … -> choose “embed”, click publish and ok and you should be fine.


I added the iframe-generator to version 2.


A German version is available:

Was man alles mit einem Formative machen kann:


Please use the newest version, due to recent updates from Formative.

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