Additional Standards?


Any talk of more standards being loaded into Formative? …ie, Ohio World Language Standards :wink:
OR…is there a way that I can load my own and pull from them for my Formatives?




Hey Pam! We are discussing this in the thread linked above. I just followed up with you via private messaging!


How about #AdultEd standards? We have recently revised our standards and have been implementing them this year. In July 2018, we are required to align them with our curriculums.



I’m following up with you over private messaging so we can talk about getting them added!


I replied and sent you the links @david . :sunglasses:


Any way I can get Ontario Science standards added?



@david I’d be willing to add standards, especially for Wisconsin since we are currently adopting some new standards, if that is an option. Also, has there been any discussion about adding any standards from the College Board?
I’d really like to start tracking this more specifically so that I can add a students formative grades into our grading system.


Hey Jill, thanks again for joining our orientation today! We can definitely consider adding the both the Wisconsin standards as well as the College Board ones. I am following up over messaging so we can coordinate!


Hi! I am looking for the NASAFACS - National Family and Consumer Science Standards. Do you think there is a chance of adding these?


Hi! We’d love to help with this! I just sent you a private message to follow up!


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