Adding Extra Time to Students

Is there a way for me to add extra time to a particular student, let’s say if they do a 60 minute assessment but end up needing more time? Is there a way for me to click on the student and give them 15 more minutes without having to assign a completely NEW formative, or deleting their responses and having them re-do the formative?


Hi @April_Vach, thanks for posting in the forum! Currently, this is not something that’s directly supported with timed assignments, but may be something we implement in the future. One way this could be accomplished is to wait for all your students to submit the assignment, then change the assignment settings to “Allow Edits” after submission, but only assign it to the students who you want to give extra time to. Then you can close the assignment to those students again.

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A way I get around this is that I have an open time and close time on the assessment. Then I will reopen it for just that one student.

How do you “reopen for just that one student”? The menu does not allow me to change the time window for anything in the future, but it looks like I could go back in time (as if that would be practical)

I thought it wasn’t possible for a long time - what I found is you have to move the ending or closing time FIRST, and then it will allow you to change the open time to later.