Adding a student "solution" helps correcting


This is what helps me keeping track of my sample solution and what helps me correcting faster:

I created a class called “solution” (in the pictures below: “PR”). Within that class one student called “solution” (make sure you enable edits after submission -> you’ll be able to add alternative solutions over the years!).

I solve all my tests with this student under an alias (michael.lutz.solution@domain).

solution class with one student:

regular class:


When my class “AA” has finished their three years of secondary school, I delete and create a new one for my new students. However, I will keep my “solution” class forever.

Answer Key while grading

Woah, this is a really clever workaround Michael! I thought it was especially crafty how you are looking under “All” to compare responses so that you can see both the exemplar response and all your students’ responses on one screen! I can see this being helpful in the Totals view as well!


@michael.lutz EXCELLENT suggestion!


What a clever idea, Michael. Thank you very much for sharing. I think I will create a similar class, adding a bank of standard comments for each exercise.


This is such a fantastic idea and something that I’ve always been looking for! Thanks for sharing!


I’m very happy that my idea is helping you a lot. You’re welcome!


I LOVE this idea! I was just thinking about how to keep a key for “show your work” answers without needing a paper copy. Great solution!


This is pure genius! I was trying to figure out a way to do this very thing!


I recently found another workaround for this problem. If you go into the “Preview” option on the top …

and answer the questions there, your answers now appear in with the student responses when you are looking at all classes!


@jenny.santiano Cool. Are you still able to edit answers at a later time? That would be important for me because I would like to add or adapt my solution during the years coming.


Yes; if you update your answer in Preview, it updates your responses in the All Classes view.


If you create your “student” and have the Last Name start with a dash “-” they will show up as the first student.