Add-ons to Simplify a Teacher's Life



I really like the re-sizer of tabs addon. I wish I had seen the choice limiter when my school was using GAFE, I hope it works for Microsoft forms also.

My addon that I use quite a bit is smallpdf. I use it to convert pdf to word documents. Many times I will see a great worksheet or idea but it needs to be updated.


I love Chrome add-ons! I just installed the Permanent Clipboard, EquatIO, Ultra Timer, and Tab Resizer. I have yet to get used to Pemanent Clipboard. It has potential, although, it lacks the capability to copy automatically with a single button. One has to highlight and manually copy and paste, which defeats the purpose of a clipboard (it is possible I have not figured out how to use this properly yet). I will be on the hunt for something similar to permanent clipboard but has more functionality. The Tab Resizer is good for simple auto-resizing of tabs so you are able to multi-task. It seems like a lot of options are paid-premium now. EquatIO is definitely a gem for GSuite users. I use Office and very familiar with Equation Editor so having a similar option for GSuite apps is excellent.

Here are some other add-ons I find useful: Screencastify (for recording screencasts), Diigo (bookmarking and annotations), Read Later (simple bookmarking if you don’t like the multi-functional Diigo), OneTab (for quick saving of all your tabs - so useful for closing tabs you want to access again later!).

I hope others will find the above useful. :smiley:

Edit: Clipboard History 2 has the functionalities I needed. It keeps all your copied items and allows you to go back to a previous copied item for pasting in one click!


Thank you @Kathleen_Herrera! I installed Screencastify and I love it. I even pushed it to my students. Very soon, they will be able to explain and recored themselves :smile:


I love all these add-ons!

At school I have two monitors, but Tab Resize will be very helpful at home when I only have one screen.

The Ultra Timer will be helpful as well. I’m hoping that once activated, I can drag it around the screen where I want it.

I remember reading about EquatiO, but for some reason I couldn’t get it on my device. I think it may have been initially blocked by my district when we got our new teacher computers. I will look into seeing that it is ‘white listed.’

When you were talking about the Permanent Clipboard, I was thinking about using it for my Formative comments… and then David verbalized my thoughts. :slight_smile: I think @Kathleen_Herrera’s idea of the Clipboard History 2 might be more efficient in some cases (like emails). I will have to look into that one, too!

I love the ChoiceEliminator. It would be perfect for 1-1 conferences with parents or teachers. It would also be a quick way for students to choose unique topics for projects.

I can also see myself using the FormLimiter. Thanks again for sharing all these wonderful add-ons. I can’t wait to get started using them.


thanks for posting! Will be sure to watch!


Grammarly is an amazing extension to have that checks your grammar and spelling in most things that you type. It’s really nice to see that no matter what you’re doing.

Loom is another screen recorder that’s pretty awesome (and has a lot of features for free, which is great).

I’m also a huge advocate for uBlock Origin to keep all of that clutter out of your browser when you’re looking at websites.

DF Tube (or distraction free youtube) is another great one that takes away all of the clutter on pages with YouTube videos. Especially great if you want to show a video to your students in class.