Add-ons to Simplify a Teacher's Life



Dear community,

On Wednesday, January 24th, 11:30AM PST / 2:30PM PST, I will be leading a virtual learning session.

The topic will be “Add-ons to Simplify a Teacher’s Life”.


See you soon :slight_smile:,

– Update –

Watch the Webinar

Get your copy of the Google Slides.

Gizmos and GoFormative
Gizmos and GoFormative

Cant make it that time, but will for sure watch it later. This will be a must on January 24.
Looking foward.
Thank you


I’ll be watching your session later too, @michael.lutz! Can’t wait.



Great webinar @michael.lutz. I really liked the permanent clipboard add-on. Already added it to my extension list!


Thank you Kristen @kjohnson! It is a very useful Add-on, indeed.


As you can see @jenny.santiano, your exciting hint (Equatio) made it into my favorite Add-ons. :grinning: Thank you!


Some very useful add-ons! Thanks so much @michael.lutz ! I had added Equatio a few weeks ago after hearing about somewhere here in the community, and now added Spotlight and Split Screen after your presentation today! Love how much I learn here! :smile:


@michael.lutz Thanks for letting me participate in your virtual learning session today! One of my favorite add-ons is Screencastify. It’s a simple tool that allows you to create a quick screen recording with audio. Recordings save to your google drive and you can embed them into a formative. Since you can now hyperlink feedback in Formative, you could link your feedback to a screencastify recording that you’ve created to support them!


@michael.lutz, Thank you for the add-ons! I put ultra timer, tab resize, and permanent clipboard on my browser right away, and I’m looking forward to using them.



@micheal.lutz, I love using the Tab resize extension. Truly maximizes teacher time. Thanks for the share.


@Marisol_Garza You’re welcome! Always happy to support. :smiley:


@michael.lutz I noticed that I needed to request permission to view the Slides. Can you change the access settings so anyone can access them :slight_smile: ? You could make it “view only” !


@michael.lutz Love the tab resize extension! Thank you. Maybe we should create a list of Chrome extensions that teachers use when creating/using Formative with students :slight_smile:


Of course, @david. My mistake: I’ve chosen “view only” - but only for our department :wink:. Now it should work.


@brent.hall @kjohnson here’s the link to the Permanent Clipboard extension that we discussed!


@michael.lutz Thank-you for sharing your add-ons. I really liked the timer feature and the tab resizer for the screen. I already added those to my Chrome. Thanks again for sharing.


I sooo loved these addons! Thank you! One suggested addon that I always use is Alice Keeler’s Drive20. If you want to open multiple files at once of say students’ projects, this will open up to 20 at a time in a tab.


What great add ons! I love the tab resize extension! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked to do that same basic thing on my own!

I’m also going to play around with the permanent clipboard! I am curious of how it will work across different computers.

Thanks for the info!


Thanks, @michael.lutz as I just came across your webinar. I am a big fan of add-ons myself. I think one of the biggest things I took away as I listened was how easy it is for students to utilize these add-ons as well. The tab resize and timer ones are definitely ones that allow us to work smarter rather than harder. Students can find timers and can manually resize tabs, but often a lot of time is lost in these processes as they navigate back and forth between tabs. Thanks for the share!


@michael.lutz - you’re the bomb! I appreciate you also sharing the presentation!