Ability to create groups of students


Just one more feature to mention in Google Classroom is the “schedule post” feature. Instead of clicking POST, click the down area and Schedule it. I use this when posting formatives so students don’t see and complete the entry or assignment in formative before they enter my classroom!


I love this idea! In the future, we want to build in the ability to schedule formatives to open and close at certain times and this is a great workaround for Google Classroom teachers!


I agree. I have several students who will jump ahead and try to do tasks before I want them to start - not good for a Breakout like activity. I have to manually close and open formative. Almost forgot today to open task for them - luckily I’m already logged in and had a minute before they got logged in! :slight_smile:


Agreed! Students always seem to be a step ahead of me and see the formatives before I officially want them to. I wish they couldn’t see them until they accessed them through a link or code given to them.


Thanks for the feedback Kelly! We record every piece!


@kquinn, Thank you so much for posting this! Another new trick :wink:


I really like the schedule feature. I, too, had students completing the formatives the night before when I would put their assignments in Google Classroom. That solved the problem of them having nothing to do while the rest of the class is working.


@smclaughlin Thanks for joining our orientation earlier today Sheryl and for the feedback as well! We record every piece we get and use it to inform the our designs and development!


The only workaround currently available is to give students the Guest code or Guest link. I’ve thought about having links for remediation or enrichment hidden as pictures near the bottom of the page. Then, if necessary, I can give students a private feedback comment within Formative telling them to ‘click the heart’ or ‘click the star’ to continue this lesson. For Premium, an emoji feature has been added AND I experimented today and learned that I can select that emoji and attach a hyperlink to it. :heart_eyes:

The advantage of the guest link is that it won’t show up in their ‘to do’ list when they log into Formative. The disadvantage is that Guest responses show up only on the ‘All’ tab and are not part of any class. You would have to search within that assignment. However, if you assign the link via Google Classroom, that link is there for you to click on within GC.


I am not sure if this would be faster for you, but you can actually hyperlink the text that you send as feedback to students. This way you could link to the alternative formatives that you are creating and they can just click on the hyperlinked text to visit them!


I forgot I could do that! Thanks for reminding me. :slight_smile: