Ability to create groups of students


Hi Formative Community!

I am trying to create subgroups of students within my classes. Has anyone used formative to create student groups within a class? Is that even possible? If not, does anyone have any workarounds?

I would love any suggestions or recommendations!



Do you use Google Classroom? When posting your formative to google classroom, you can select individual students to receive a post/assignment/etc. This would allow for easier assigning of differentiated activities so that only the group of students who need the activity get it, without assigning it to all of them.

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Hi @Sarah_Barry! Great question. What are you trying to do with this group? Are you trying to assign certain students the formative? Are you wanting Student A, B, C to have a collaborative formative that they all edit the same one (can’t do). Also, what subject? Sometimes the subject can help me give better responses!

Thank you!


@AndyB…I did not know that about Google Classroom! Thanks for that info. I am definitely not opposed to using Google Classroom, I looked at it as just another gradebook to keep track of, but your message makes me think differently. :slight_smile: Thanks again!


Hey @Smkendal! Thanks for responding :slight_smile: I want to be able to assign the formative to certain students within a specific class. I do not want to assign certain formatives to the entire group. @AndyB pointed out that Google Classroom allows teachers to do this with formatives. I teach HS History (11th grade)…any subject specific info you may have would be helpful too! Thanks again!



@AndyB, I forgot to ask if this is a setting I will have to set up in Google Classroom. If so, could you point me in the right direction?


Whenever you post something new in google classroom (assignment, announcement, question, etc) you are given options of which classes you want to post to and then to the right, it’ll say ALL STUDENTS, but if you click that open, you’ll see a list of all the students in that particular class. Simply check off the kids that you want (or dont want) to see that link.


@AndyB…thank you so much for pointing that out for me, I don’t know if I would have thought to click on ALL STUDENTS to see if I could manipulate that! This info is so helpful!! Thanks again!


You are very welcome. Thanks to @David_Kwan and his team for setting this up and helping all of us.


No problem! I am really glad that it helps you!


@Sarah_Barry That is pretty cool about Google Classroom.

I know on Canvas I have been able to work with Mastery Paths to assign certain things to students based on their results but if they go straight to GoFormative it will still show up as assigned to them so they might take it anyway.


That’s a nice Mastery Paths feature. It sounds like you are wanting to be able to assign to small groups within Formative. Is that correct?


That is what it sounds like to me @David_Kwan!


@David_Kwan…that is exactly what I am trying to do. I don’t have Canvas either, but I appreciate that info @Smkendal :slight_smile:


It would be very useful to be able to assign a formative only to certain students via GoFormative. That way results would all be in one place.


I love this feature, it’s like the one in Canvas. It really helps differentiating based on students needs and interests.


Are you wanting to have different assign settings for sub-groups of students in a class? This feature would be super powerful for differentiation and is something we are planning on! Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


If in a formative, I could choose a class and have a list of students show up. Then I could just select the students that I wanted to see/do the formative. Sometimes, I just want the students to have more exposure to the content, but not everyone in the class needs to see it in their list of formatives.


Got it! That definitely aligns with what we have planned :slight_smile:


@AndyB When assigning to selective groups of students, make sure you only select one class. If you select multiple classes, you can’t limit students.