A Couple Cool Ways To Use Formative for Teaching Science



On Wednesday, November 8th, at 6:00pm EST (3:00pm PST, 5:00pm CT), I will be hosting a virtual learning session highlighting a few exciting ways to use Formative for science!

I will share a few ways that I use Formative in my science class and then open the floor for questions or tips from you! You can watch and submit questions or comments during the broadcast by using YouTube’s chat feature at this link http://bit.ly/formativesciencesession

We are recording the session and I will post the link for the recording here after the broadcast. You can post your response to the recording directly on this thread.

I look forward to sharing my Formatives with you! See you there!

Update: @Science_Educators , watch the full webinar below!

During the session, we posed the following questions to the audience! Feel free to respond to any and all of them so we that we can better connect :slight_smile:

  1. What’s one of your favorite things about teaching science?
  2. In what ways have you found Formative most useful for teaching science?
  3. In addition to Formative, what are some of your other favorite websites/apps for teaching science?
  4. Is there any topic you need help making a Formative for?
  5. Share time! Share a science teaching strategy, resource, quote, or formative that you love!

Appsmashing With Formative!
6th grade science
Ways to use GoFormative
What areas do you want to grow in as an educator who uses formative assessment?

Hey @Science_Educators ! This is great webinar to tune in for! If you aren’t free, we’ll be posting the recording here so you can watch later and comment below!


Hey everybody, this is starting in an hour! See you then!


@ndyer I had class so missed it, but I am definitely looking forward to watching it!


Thanks! Let us know what you think!


Hello. I shared this Virtual Learning Session with my science department at my school. The department chair loves it. She made a simple outline for the novice GoFormative person that may need some notes to guide them. Here it is: GoFormative Examples for Science

Seeking Wisdom: Formative in Secondary Science Education
6th grade science

@ndyer ave you ever used SAS Curriculum Pathways for science? https://www.curriculumpathways.com/portal/ I am not in love with the log in process, but once students get in, it’s a pretty cool interactive simulation site! I used it for Newton’s laws and it was great!


I haven’t… right now our system bought STEMScopes for us to follow. So far it has been a good curriculum, I’ll give the SAS a look though!


@ndyer…I watched your Virtual Learning Session this weekend and it is awesome! I want to let you know that I gave you a shout out on Facebook too, so be sure to tag yourself in it and like the post! Thanks again for sharing how you use Formative!


Thanks so much! I hope you can use some of the ideas I gave!


I am so happy to hear that they loved @ndyer 's session! Also, I like the simple outline! It’s another great way to make the resources accessible!



Great example of formative.


Fantastic formative for teaching science.


Nice…will pass these ideas along to my science-minded peeps! Great!!


Hey Lisa, Just wanted to let you know we gave you a shout out on twitter and let people know about this awesome resource! Thanks so much for always sharing with us!


I know I am late on this, but this is great, Natalie. I am catching up on everything before I do my Formative presentation!


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I have found some resources!!! Yayyyy!!! Thank you for such great and useful information. Greatly appreciated


Thank You David and Natalie for taking the time to share with me. i am looking forward to finding out more about the App Smash. I do have a wonder for you is that I wonder if you have a scholastic account for the super science magazine if you should attach that to your formative so the kids can go to the magazine and also be able to use all of the great features that are part of their program.

Thank You



I think that linking to the Scholastic magazine is great idea and I’d be interested to hear more about what features they offer there. It looks like in this specific case, @ndyer was sharing how she sometimes chooses to upload snippets of articles instead because she wanted to chunk them for students.


David here is the link to the magazine Just in case. https://scienceworld.scholastic.com/