A Couple Cool Ways To Use Formative for Teaching Science



We will be using a science article for annotation as well. We are just going to use out snipping tool to “cut” apart the article - into chunks. Our students are having a hard time with annotation so this idea of using a science article is what we were thinking as well!


what about Studies Weekly for elementary? will it link to that ?


Hey Susan :slight_smile: To clarify, are you asking if you can include a hyperlink to a website in your formative?

Here’s how you can do that!


Thank you for sharing! I will check this out.


Wow! I love these websites. I am going to start using the SAS website. I wish I had known about this website before. Do you know of any other science resource websites that do not have a cost?


I thought I could do the hyperlink - but I usually don’t want students to click and go out somewhere- I like them to stay within the program - thanks!


Oh okay, could you provide me with a specific link of what you would like to embed? I’d be happy to try to make it work :slight_smile:


If you are looking to embed scientific articles into a Formative, you can use a tool like InsertLearning which allows you to place questions and link videos etc, right into the article’s webpage.


Sorry if these ideas have already been mentioned, I am just joining this thread. @Science_Educators
Newsela is a great resource (free news articles with quiz questions; there is a paid upgrade but its not necessary.
Also Science Friday (free podcasts) or Listenwise (free with a paid upgrade).
I am grateful for all the suggestions I’ve seen and heard here.


Legends of Learning is good review game style, It’s totally free. I’ll insert my referral link.


@rsanders What grade level do you teach? I was looking at Legends of Learning for resources to reinforce standards for my lower level HS freshman. I was trying to search by grade level; do you know if that is possible?


@kcouchon In Legends of Learning, you can search by standard. By grade level the options are only elementary or middle. This is a screenshot of MS Life Science, for example:


I currently teach 8th grade Science. At the moment only elementary and middle school is available. Have you heard of problem attic? [http://www.problem-attic.com/] You can search for grade level, topic or exam.


In the Desmos app (https://www.desmos.com/ )Under the custom activities tab I created card sorts https://student.desmos.com?prepopulateCode=8gc7e where students have to match the question with the answers. In the directions I make sure to inform students that questions will have question marks behind them (Students seldom read directions :disappointed: ) You can also do this same thing in quizlet (https://quizlet.com/_3t6o60) for students to practice. My students learn best by categorizing to sort out the differences and this has helped them tremendously.



That’s a limiting reactant and percent yield formative I used with my students. I didn’t use the full extent of formative, but it got my toes in the water of trying to use technology to check my students work in the classroom.

I didn’t know I could embed the PHET simulations into formative, but I will be doing that from now on since I really like that website.

I think edpuzzle and formative will be very useful for teachers who want to flip classrooms to get students doing work while a teacher can tutor instead of copying at home.


Thanks! This was really helpful in showing me some capabilities of app-smashing in formative! I’m particularly excited about embedding Phet simulations into formatives! I can’t wait to start using formative for interactive lesson activities - Thanks!


This was very helpful. I need to explore online simulations some more - I teach geology and astronomy and just like physical science it is sometimes difficult to get “real” exposure to topics, so the online simulations would be very helpful!


I used to use problem attic … but then they moved away from the ability to do individual accounts to whole school accounts. I liked how you could download problem sets into other formats - does anyone know of a problem set generator like that in which we could download the problems?