6th Grade Math Coordinate Plane Quiz



Here is an example of how I use goFormative to teach coordinate plane. I teach 6th grade math in NC and follow common core. I would love to connect up with other 6th grade math common core teachers to share.

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This is really cool. Thank you so much for sharing how you use formative in your classroom!


I have struggled with how to use Formative for some of the work that requires the use of graphics. Thank you for sharing this. Have you considered using some ordered pairs with fractions and/or decimals?


I usually insert my graphics in either the image or whiteboard feature under add content but now you can insert pictures right into the question with the plus button. Yes, I do use fractions and decimals with my ordered pairs since students usually struggle with those at the beginning.


When I teach graphing, I insert the coordinate plane in the “show your work” section so the students can graph right on the screen. I feel that this is the best approach for me and I’ve had a lot of success with it. I am just starting this with my sixth graders and being able to see them work in real time (and all in the same spot) is so beneficial for me and I think that would be for you too!


Also, I’m totally going to use your formative with my students tomorrow! I don’t teach common core, but your Formative is perfect for my sixth graders! :blush:


This looks good! Almost makes me want to be a 6th grade teacher so we could plan together!


I like how you talk about the axis’ being hallways and elevators. I might throw in a visual if this is their first time with material. It might be worth it to just have an image in the background or label the axis’ that way.


Thanks for sharing! This will be a great tool in my 6th grade math class.


I really like this! I’ve used Desmos and have created Seesaw activities to help practice items on the coordinate plane - mainly Battleship-like activities. I like the way you’ve used Formative to assess it here. I think Formative can be used in a similar way as the Desmos was done: there was a ship in which the students are given one “hit” and the students were to select which other points (multiple selection) also are possible hits. This is just an idea to add a little of a “game-like” experience for your students. But I love this already - thanks for sharing.