1 Extra Formative Update



There is one more feature (a premium feature): an “anti-cheating alert”! I really love that one. :heart_eyes: :ok_hand:

Premium features

Love this! I have already seen it at work with “Explain in your own words a one to one function.” I didn’t know about the update, but there was that little exclamation icon to tell me I had a few copy/pasters! GREAT job - as always thanks for everything Formative team! :grinning:


I knew it was working when a student exclaimed “Dr. J, I can’t copy and paste!!!”

It was priceless…


Love this! Thanks for sharing:)


I know I’m late to the party, but I wanted to say I love this feature as well!

I am curious if there is more info on how the feature works? Does the notification work if they copy paste from within the formative (say from a pdf that is uploaded as part of the assignment) or just from the other tabs on the web browsers?


I haven’t seen this yet!! I will have to be on the lookout!


It detects whenever a student has pasted in text from any source (webpages, documents, PDFs). Students cannot copy and paste information from a PDF uploaded to Formative because when it’s uploaded, it’s converted to a PNG!


Okay, gotcha. So if a reading assignment is posted from a PDF, and a student is doing the assignment in goformative- if they were to copy from the goformative page and paste it into their answer, it would trigger this feature the same as if they were copying from another website?


@teacher.hine Yep! Thanks for seeking clarification :slight_smile:


wow - my Jr. high teachers will LOVE this feature - thanks!


@susansharplehr On behalf of our internal team, you are so welcome :slight_smile: We are so happy that you find it useful!


I hadn’t had a chance to read about the update yet, so when it happened out of the blue during my 2nd class of the day I was pleasantly surprised. I quickly figured out who was just Googling for answers and who was actively trying to write in their own words. I was able to mark a ‘low’ score (3 out of 10 points) and write a comment about not just copying and pasting but to write answers in their own words. Students seemed impressed that I knew what they were doing. My favorite part of giving live feedback is waiting for the kid to read what I wrote. Their facial expressions are priceless! :wink: In a few cases, the flagging caught the student who copied and cut their own answer (or part of their own answer) to paste in a different spot, but the majority of the time, it caught kids trying to take the ‘easy’ way out. I did notice a sharp decline in copied answers within a week of the update. Now whether the students were actually writing things in their own words, or just being extra creative in their cheating, I may never now.


@tricia.mintner Because our computer lab was occupied, a colleague of mine had to divide the students into groups of three and they were working in different classrooms. He then wrote them messages not to copy paste stuff. Imagine their faces: big brother was watching them :wink:


Towards the end of the school year, the students turned the tables on me… they typed crazy & creative responses in Short Answers or drew a funny picture in with their Show Your Work responses… and then waited for me to get to their response to see MY reaction. Sometimes students tried to deny they had given those responses… So, I simply zoomed in on their answer box and then dragged that window over to the ActiveBoard and displayed it in a 4x4 foot square. It added some much needed levity to the heavy ending of the school year for all of us.