Welcome to the Formative Learning Community! This the official platform for Formative users of all experience levels to connect, collaborate, and do amazing things together. We understand that as a new member of our community, you may not be ready to dive headfirst into online collaboration. That’s completely okay! You’ll be happy to find a growing knowledge base of tips, ideas, and resources that you can draw from. There’s also awesome webinars you can attend as well. We encourage you to take time to browse!

If you don’t spot something that’s immediately useful, no worries, this is where the real fun begins! We encourage you to create a topic requesting whatever you need, whether it’s support with using a feature or ideas for how to use the student insights you are getting with Formative. We have an amazing network of educators who can help you out! In return, we hope you are encouraged to help others out as well. This may take the form of sharing an idea with the community, offering feedback to another user, or answering someone’s question! Whatever you are doing to help others out is awesome! As you explore and engage with the community, you will automatically earn achievement badges, level up, and unlock the ability to become Formative Certified. Formative Certified Educators are invited to connect and collaborate with other educators on a deeper level.

How is it organized?

The Formative Learning Community is organized into two main categories…

General Use- This is where you can collaborate with others to develop and maintain your expertise of Formative! You can pick up tips for using Formative and share them too! You can also ask questions about Formative features and share what you know! Live, virtual training are available for both new and experienced Formative users! As you learn more, you can seize opportunities to demonstrate your growing knowledge and get recognized for your expertise!

Specialized Application- This is where you can collaborate with others who teach the same subjects, grade level(s), or share similar teaching interests. You can find and share ideas for applying Formative in your classroom. You can also exchange formatives and others learning resources as well! There are also live webinars led by experienced Formative users that focus on any and all topics related to student growth!

Why are we doing this?

We are starting this community because in addition to providing you with an awesome platform for student growth, we want to provide you with the support you need to make the most of it in your unique setting. This means giving you the opportunity to connect with other awesome educators who you can learn with, draw inspiration from, and who can help you celebrate your teaching successes!